Management Team

dbtech management team


Philip N. Kaplan, Chief Executive Officer & Board Member

Philip N. Kaplan brings dbtech a high energy, collaborative management style that has resulted in success at three public and two private companies.  Prior to joining dbtech in January 2011, he served as a Board Member and then Chief Operating Officer of healthcare IT software company Quality Systems, Inc. / NextGen Healthcare (NASDAQ: QSII) from June 2008 through May 2010.  Mr. Kaplan has also served as CEO of family-owned private equity consultant Deer Valley Ventures from June 2008 to present, completing investment transactions and acting as an operating partner to larger private equity firms.

From February 2007 to June 2008, Mr. Kaplan served as Chief Strategy Officer of data center company Internap Network Services Corporation (NASDAQ: INAP), which acquired VitalStream Holdings, Inc (NASDAQ: VSTH) in February 2007.  Mr. Kaplan co-founded VitalStream in 2000 and served as its President, Chief Operating Officer and a member of its Board of Directors.  VitalStream provided software as a network service that enabled enterprise and media clients to deliver video and audio experiences to global online audiences.

Mr. Kaplan serves on the board of directors of Huntington Beach, CA based Surfline, Inc.  He attended the University of California, Davis from which he received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, with a minor in Russian language.


Brett Oberman, Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, Board Member and Co-Founder

Brett Oberman is the original inventor of Ras and led the development effort that took Ras from concept to the leading application for intelligent document management, workflow automation and fast information access.  Today, Mr. Oberman continues to map the company’s future, advising and directing the management team across all aspects of the company’s business.

Mr. Oberman also served as dbtech’s Vice President and COO since co-founding dbtech in 1983.  He has overseen the company’s product development, implementation and support services since the beginning.

Mr. Oberman is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Harvard University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in physics and chemistry.


Patrick H. Deane, Chief Financial Officer

Patrick H. Deane brings dbtech deep-rooted financial and operations leadership working in public, pre-IPO, and venture capital-backed technology firms. Mr. Deane has established a reputation as a dynamic team builder and an implementer of processes that revolutionize organizational effectiveness.

Prior to joining dbtech in January 2011, Mr. Deane served as CFO and COO of the clean technology firm QuantumSphere. Before that, Mr. Deane was VP Finance and later VP Operations of a leading Internet content distribution firm, VitalStream Holdings, Inc. (later acquired by Internap NASDAQ: INAP).

Mr. Deane holds a bachelor’s degree in business from California State University at Fullerton and an M.B.A. from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.


Philip Sullivan, Vice President Product Management & Marketing

Phil Sullivan leads dbtech’s marketing efforts, developing and executing the company’s go-to-market, PR and social media initiatives.  He joined dbtech over ten years ago, originally as an installer and trainer, then was progressively promoted to various management roles.

Before joining dbtech Mr. Sullivan served in a number of executive roles for Wakefern Food Corporation in Edison, NJ. Outside of dbtech, Mr. Sullivan runs leading football fan website JetNation.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in management science from Kean College.


Paul Rogers, Director of Support and Client Development

Paul oversees the activities of the dbtech support and client development departments. Paul originally joined dbtech over 9 years ago and has a Bachelors degree from the College of New Jersey.

Paul actively participates in the design and implementation of new Ras features and custom Ras add-ins for clients.


Non-Executive Directors

Craig J. Faggen, Managing Partner, Triton Pacific Capital Partners, LP

Fred Thiel, Managing Partner, Software/Information Technology Group, Triton Pacific Capital Partners, LP


About Triton Pacific

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