Ras For Patient Accounting

Benefits of Ras:

Reduction In AR Days

  • Claims get processed faster, resulting in quicker payment
  • Additional paper requests from payers can be sent immediately from RASi
  • Allows hospitals to implement remote coding by providing web-based access to chart information
  • Charts are coded faster which helps decrease AR days

Decrease In Denials

  • Information is stored electronically and is readily accessible eliminating trips to the file room
  • Accurate data collection
  • Missing registration documents eliminated, reducing AR delays

Notice Of Admission

  • Eliminate manual faxing of NOA
  • Confirmation that the Notice of Admission was sent on time
  • Reduce potential loss of reimbursements due to lack of notification within X hours of admission

enhance revenue cycle diagram

Eligibility Responses

  • Electronic eligibility responses can be captured electronically from payers, eliminating paper and providing record of coverage

Paper EOB Management

  • Paper EOB’s can be scanned and automatically linked to the Electronic patient record
  • Data from paper EOB’s can be OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition) and automatically uploaded to the HIS, thus eliminating the manual steps of payment entry

Release of Information Process

  • Documents that must be transferred to outside interests (Payers, Physician Offices, others) are immediately available
  • RASi export features secure data even when transferred

X12 Transactions

  • 835, 837i and 837p transactions are parsed and archived in a readable format
  • Store the complete patient history from registration to zero balance
  • Deeper analysis of 835 Transactions. Complete access to entire 835 data-set

Electronic Forms

  • Consent forms, appeal letters, collection letter and charity care applications can be created as eForms
  • Any paper or digital form can be added to eForms

Audit Management

  • Eliminate manual processes related to audits
  • Many times this takes days or weeks to prepare for, with RAS this process takes a few minutes

Workflow Benefits

  • Extract data and create summaries automatically

Remote Sites

  • Instant access
  • Eliminate courier costs
  • No offsite storage; data is secure
  • Remote EMR billing documents are immediately transferred for faster processing and quicker remittance

Minimal I.T. Involvement

  • Implementation time requirements are measured in days, not months
  • Use your existing HL7 transactions; no modifications are required
  • DBTech can configure scanners as needed

Reduction in workspace requirements

  • Physical space required to store paper is eliminated