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Can the Paper Tiger be Tamed

Document Management as an industry has been around since the eighties, yet still to this date (when we were supposed to have flying cars mind you) American companies are still waste tons of paper.  AIIM, the nation’s leading organization devoted to content management, has estimates that one trillion pages are still printed, copied and faxed.

So what happened?  Did we do something wrong?

No, you did nothing wrong.  This is business as usual.  Organization buy solutions to stop the hemorrhaging of some critical business issue then forget the solution when confronted with other document management needs.  Some even go out and purchase another solution with overlapping functionality.  Believe me I have seen it!

When you have a moment, review the link below.  This slide-show is very insightful, and gives you a glimpse into the future of document management.

Once you finish reviewing this slideshow ask yourself this question, “What else can Ras do for me”.  I guarantee you that you have only started to scratch the surface, and I am willing to prove it to you.


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