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In 1971 David Bowie released the song “Changes”.  In the song Bowie laments that “Every time I thought I’d got it made it seemed the taste was not so sweet”, and I wondered how many CIO’s must be feeling this way more than forty years later.

We are in unprecedented waters because in no other time has change happened so rapidly as to not allow hospital to guide their own path.  Instead these changes are mandated and expected in order to remain both competitive and consistent within federal guidelines.  Hospitals are compelled to be complicit or lose relevancy in the market.

The ripples of change have gotten larger and include EHR Adoption, Meaningful Use, PHI Security, ICD-10 Compliance, Mobile Tablet Computing, HIE and Clinical Decision Support.   These were the top projects of 2012 and continue to be the objects of IT desire as the days of 2013 float through your eyes.  These projects are making companies like EPIC extremely wealthy while they monopolize IT budgets and staff, leaving the hospital CFO a much less of a richer man.   You could consider my strange fascination with change a fallacy, but the importance of these issues is clearly illustrated in Healthcare Technology Online’s article “Top 10 Health IT Trends for 2013”.

Insiders know that Electronic Health Records (EHR) are the primary focus of all IT shops, and its  adoption has ruled the attentions so dominantly as to delay or cancel the plans of less lofty IT ambitions.   IT shops are stretched to the limits while IT vendor struggle to employ quality IT project managers and consultants.  The pool of talent simply isn’t as deep as the need.

There is always “the next thing”, and in HIT those next things are Disaster recovery, thanks to Hurricane Sandy, and Patient Portals because of the new Meaningful User year 2 requirements.

So as we all turn and face the strain our customers will be happy to know that dbtech has a feature to assist you in all of these projects.

Unstructured documents like insurance cards, driver’s licenses and eForms are being integrated with all Electronic Health Records by customers using document imaging and electronic forms.  Other customers have developed sophisticated structures to safeguard critical clinical data in the event of EHR or network down-time using Ras alone!

Clinical documentation is being easily accessed by remote users and coders.  This feature will become extremely important as the number of certified ICD-10 coders in more remote areas of the country become harder to find.

Dbtech eForms were recently tested on mobile devices, and we have a clear solution for collecting patient signature and compliance at the bedside without workstations on wheels or tethered signature pads.

And in the coming months you will hear an exciting announcement regarding dbtech’s newest and most promising platform, Patient Portals.  This platform holds the promise of tighter connections with your patients while adhering to Meaningful Use requirements.

So as the song says “So the days float through my eyes but still the days seem the same”, which clearly implies that our only constant is change and the only real change is the rate of that change.

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