Converting From Valco

There’s a Better Way …

You strive to bring the highest level of care to your patients; that is why you trust their patient information to MEDITECH.  Some of that information (forms, photos, paper and financial  information) still needs a central home.  Providing access to that information is important since it needs to be available throughout your organization from within MEDITECH.

Dbtech has the answer : Ras!

The IATRIC and dbtech team are vital to your conversion.

  • When you have to replace your legacy document management system.
  • Proven conversion process developed by IATRIC systems.
  • Seamless integration with Meditech; no workflow changes.
  • End-user training is minimized.
  • Leverage trusted experienced healthcare vendors.

You have documents and patient data in a legacy document management system.  You need to migrate to a new document management system.  You don’t want to pay support on multiple systems.  Who do you turn to when converting your existing Valco data?

  • The time spent retrieving information could be better spent with patients.
  • Lack of interoperability between and within facilities and health systems that slows down patient care.

IATRIC and dbtech worked together to develop the Valco Conversion for MEDITECH clients with years of experience from both sides.  A proven track record of converting Valco systems and working in MEDITECH environments ensures that your project will be a success.   Our combined experience with data file conversions has produced a proven methodology that ensures data integrity during and after the transition.

More about the Iatric–dbtech partnership