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DB Technology Assists Hospitals In Complying With The New FTC Identity Theft Red Flag Regulations

CLARK, N.J., March 4, 2009 – DB Technology, a recognized leader in the field of automated document management and workflow software, is assisting its hospital clients in meeting the new Federal Trade Commission’s Identity Theft Red Flag Regulations. With recently announced enhancements to its Enterprise RAS document management software, customers who use Enterprise RAS for image and forms management at registration will be able to capture the patient’s image at each visit and compare those pictures against the patient being registered.

Beginning May 2, 2009, the FTC will require all healthcare providers develop programs to protect against identity theft in compliance with the Identity Theft Red Flag regulations as part of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act. Healthcare organizations also are required to implement policies and technologies to ensure patients do not receive improper care or are incorrectly diagnosed due to compromised electronic medical records with information from other patients.

“The FTC’s Identity Theft Red Flag Regulations create an important opportunity for healthcare providers to protect consumers and patients from the detrimental impact of insurance fraud and medical identity theft,” according to Angelo Schittone, chief information officer for Saint Michael’s Medical Center in Newark, NJ. “DB Technology has anticipated our hospital’s need to implement measures to adhere to these regulations.”

Among the new regulations, healthcare organizations are required to have in place policies on authenticating patient identities and reporting. With new photo embedding technology integrated into RASi, a patient registrar can take the patient’s photo and embed that image into documents placed in an electronic patient folder, providing an easily accessible method to authenticate identity. In subsequent hospital visits, if the registrar finds the photo does not match the patient, a simple click of a button will mark that the patient’s identity is in question. Reports of all patients with questionable identities can be generated, satisfying the reporting requirements of the Red Flag Regulations.

“Assisting our customers in the utilization of the best automation solutions possible is the number one priority of DB Technology, and we are constantly seeking ways that our customers can realize further value from both data automation and enterprise content management,” says DB Technology’s Chief Executive Officer Charlie Wilson. “This new technology enables our customers to streamline registration and identification processes while ensuring electronic medical records and patient privacy are protected.”

In addition to secure identity checking at registration, DB Technology has expanded the use of photographs to its forms library application e-Forms. Customers will now be able to include photographs on wristbands and other forms to assist in clinical identification processes. Now when the physical therapist arrives at the patient’s bed, the therapist will be able to match the photograph on the PT order with the photograph on the patient’s wrist band.

In addition to the FTC’s Identity Theft Red Flag Regulations, DB Technology’s customers are also realizing the benefits of implementing automated document management software designed to work with the Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as legal discovery and other compliance programs. Enterprise RAS provides RAC auditors, or any other type of payor auditor, remote access to specific records.

With Enterprise RAS, healthcare organizations benefit from improved revenue cycles that come with increased efficiencies in workflow automation, minimized paper trails, shortened accounting cycles, streamlined operations, and enhanced HIPAA regulatory compliance.

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