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DB Technology Assists Hospitals In Cost Reduction With Remote Management Of Its Document Management And Report Distribution Products

CLARK, N.J., May 5, 2009 – DB Technology, a recognized leader in the field of automated document management and workflow software, is assisting hospitals seeking ways to reduce costs and improve efficiencies by providing remote management of its document capture, distribution and imaging software. With remote management, hospitals can realize a more cost-effective way in proactively supporting and servicing RAS and RASi and a quicker return-on-investment (ROI).

Through RAS and RASi hospitals and other organizations have the ability to automatically capture, access, process and distribute information and eliminate costly manual paper laden processes. The software also eliminates the risk of improperly distributed data and ensures confidential information remains private and accessible to only those authorized.

“The upfront costs of acquiring technology and the lack of available IT resources can be significant obstacles to realizing the benefits of automating document management processes,” says DB Technology’s Chief Executive Officer Charlie Wilson. “With DB Technology’s remote management of RAS and RASi, hospitals can now lower up-front costs and minimize risks associated with the implementation of document management software and concentrate more on solving business issues and less on IT infrastructure.”

Additional benefits derived from remote management include:

  • Faster return-on-investment with the quick elimination of cumbersome paper processes
  • Rapid and easy implementation and installation of RAS and RASi software
  • Enable the preservation of security policies and network protection
  • Reduction of high-cost, time-consuming hospital IT functions including labor- upgrade processes

Since information captured by RAS remains securely within the hospital on its own host server, security is maintained and enhanced enabling hospitals to preserve security policies and network protection. Ongoing remote management is performed by DB Technology experts in the RAS and RASi application and database administration.

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