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DB Technology Helps Hospitality Industry To Optimize Back-Office Processes With Robust Report Management Software

CLARK, N.J., June 10, 2008 –   The hospitality industry today finds itself searching for technology designed to help it conquer the burgeoning world of paper.  How do you effectively manage and process data across a host of different computer platforms across too many diverse departments and operational units – none of it easily accessible?  The unique nature of the hospitality industry as a 24/7 environment means data needs to be available instantaneously.  How does a night manager easily gather metrics on occupancy rates, guest arrivals and departures, and a slew of other pieces of information without sifting through reams of paper?

The hospitality industry requires solutions that can capture and archive critical guest data in an easy-to-use, easy to understand manner.  This is sometimes easier said than done. Today, hotel properties want to be able to seamlessly access key business indicators without having to sift through mountains of paper.  They want quick and painless access to the material they need when they need it.

DB Technology, a recognized leader of automated information management and reporting solutions has been providing cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions to the hotel industry for close to twenty-five years.  The company’s innovative flagship product, Report Automation System (RAS) is a suite of scalable and flexible automation modules, designed to allow hotels and other hospitality properties including health clubs and spas to easily streamline and manage the paper cycle that often runs rampant across these organizations.

How is this accomplished?  By leveraging standard print stream technology to pull data into the RAS system where the real magic begins.  The simplicity of the RAS approach is ingenious and the value of aggregating information for streamlined processes and better decisions goes straight to the bottom line, a closely watched number in the hospitality arena.

“The hospitality industry is in need of an optimized method for capturing and archiving information –  from night audit reports, to guest charges and vendor invoices –  that can then be utilized by other departments in a painless and efficient manner,” noted David Wechsler, president and CEO of DB Technology. “Our RAS solution enables authorized individuals to easily monitor access and view activity within the hotel property.  With RAS, the once laborious process of reconciling the night audit has been streamlined, eliminating paper and making the audit stream a painless procedure.  With the addition of Scan-to-RAS, virtually any paper document can be turned into a searchable PDF file, eliminating the need for paper,” he added.

Today, hundreds of hotel properties around the country are leveraging the powerful tools of RAS in everything from property management systems to point-of-sale and payroll systems.  RAS can capture, process and quickly make the information accessible to those who need it. Hotels benefiting from DB Technology’s RAS solution include the Global Hyatt Corporation, one of the world’s premier hotel companies, with over 735 hotels and resorts in more than 44 countries; the Four Seasons, a leading luxury hotel company with 75 hotels in 31 countries as well as the Beverly Hills Hotel a luxury, five-star hotel.

“We are helping hotels address the pain of managing endless streams of paper with a secure, optimized and automated document management suite that is designed to minimize paper trails, shorten the accounting cycle and streamline operations,” said Wechsler. “With RAS, hotels can easily monitor, access and view daily activity.  Its security structure ensures that guest data is kept private and available only to authorized users.”

What is RAS?
RAS is a suite of scalable and flexible automation modules, enabling corporations to easily streamline and manage the paper cycle.  The software automatically transforms data into actionable information by capturing data from any application without the use of interfaces.  Once captured, the information is easily searched and retrieved in a secure environment. 

DB Technology’s latest version of the RAS software, RAS 3.28, is designed to address the critical functions of capturing financial and operational information and then creating useful reports which in the hospitality industry spans everything from client registration to spa and restaurant charges and everything in between.  With RAS 3.28 hotel properties can now access pertinent information remotely with RAS Web; The new Scan-to-RAS  module allows guest folios, point-of-sale receipts, invoices, HR records or virtually any paper document to be automatically captured and placed into searchable PDF files, further reducing paper and enhancing corporate efficiencies.

DB Technology will be demonstrating its RAS software at the 2008 Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC®) the world’s largest hospitality technology exposition and conference.  The conference takes place June 16-19 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas.  Demonstrations of RAS 3.28 will be available at booth #1453.

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