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Dbtech Helps St. Michael’s Medical Center Jettison Paper Forms Creates yearly savings of over $345,000 with Ras eForms

CLARK, NJ – FEBRUARY 21, 2012 – With its recent selection of the dbtech Ras eForms platform, St. Michael’s Medical Center replaced all paper forms with digital ones, creating a calculated annual savings of over $345,000. By streamlining document indexing workflows with eForms, this 357-bed regional tertiary care and research center in Newark, NJ has also realized dramatic workflow benefits, improving its revenue cycle through better revenue capture and reduced cost of administration.

St. Michael’s IT application specialist James Wu explains, “With eForms, everything you need is automatically there … When our forms were in hard copy, you had to know where to locate them. We had walls of shelves and filing cabinets. You had to know where every form was.” Wu continues, “Now, all you do is log into a workstation and look for what you need.”

In addition to providing easily accessible forms, eForms gives St. Michael’s the ability to generate forms on an as-needed basis using HL7 transactions and user requests, as well as to merge patient data with static forms and barcodes. Wu notes that using eForms also allows St. Michaels to continue generating forms even when regular registration and EMR platforms experience downtimes creating an effective downtime solution for the hospital.

As the healthcare industry moves towards adopting Electronic Medical Records (EMR), the combination of document imaging and electronic forms technologies are helping hospitals take steps forward while supporting access to historical records. Philip N. Kaplan, CEO of dbtech says, “St. Michael’s understands this relationship and views the eForms functionality as a critical component of their EMR adoption. Document imaging without electronic forms technology creates tremendous inefficiencies during the scanning process. In fact, it’s fairly common to reduce a seven-hour scanning workflow to just one hour with eForms,” Kaplan adds.

Since the summer of 2003, when dbtech first introduced eForms, many of its over 250 clients have adopted the platform and continue to use it in conjunction with a variety of HIT systems including Epic, MEDITECH and Siemens Soarian®. Dbtech’s tight HIT and EMR integration allows CFOs to know that their technology investment with dbtech will not be wasted if they migrate to a new EMR. Dbtech offers Ras eForms as both a premise-based and turnkey, hosted solution including electronic form development services.

About St. Michael’s Medical Center

A member of the Catholic Health East (CHE) network, St. Michael’s Medical Center is a long-time dbtech customer. The hospital has a tradition of selecting and implementing state-of-the-art technologies while employing the latest diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

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