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By Charlie Wilson

There are many factors that make up a winning company.  The product offerings, the market and market conditions, and the people are key factors for successful organizations, but the attitude and enthusiasm of the employees are the real difference makers.

DB Technology has a long history of success in helping our customers become more efficient in their work by using the automation technology of RAS.  RAS is a very strong solution for the Document Management and Imaging requirements of our customers.  There is a need for Document Management solutions and the market is expanding as more emphasis is placed on reducing paper and digitizing our daily lives.  Those are two of the key factors for a successful company.

The last barrier to success for any company is the people.  Software is not a technology business, it is a people business and the people make the difference.  DB Technology is very fortunate to have great employees who care for the success of our customers.  Placing a strong emphasis on making the customer implementations a success is a foundation of the company and we are very proud in making the customer experience a fruitful one.  The basic principle is that DB Technology wins only when the customer wins.  Helping others achieve their goals and success leads to happy customers.

Helping make your customers a success with your product and support should be the passion of every company.  Make a difference.

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