Document Imaging

Rasi, the imaging and scanning module for dbtech’s Ras platform, scans and manages electronic and hard copy patient accounting and clinical reports and documents from disparate systems and stores that information in an electronic patient folder (EPF) for easy retrieval and distribution.


Scan, Manage & More …

Through the use of your existing HL7 transactions Rasi creates and updates electronic patient folders. It automatically integrates, indexes and links electronic reports, forms, EDI and scanned documents, providing a complete patient-centric view of patient accounting and medical records documents without the need for manual indexing of information.

What Can Document Imaging Do For You?

Rasi will reduce your A\R days, provide you an immediate decrease in denials and improve your revenue cycle.  Rasi is an enterprise document management solution with added intelligence designed specifically for hospitals. It eliminates paper-handling costs, reduces document search and retrieval times and reduces outstanding accounts receivable days, eliminates paper delays, non-payments and write-offs, and eliminates paper altogether. Rasi is an elegant user-friendly solution that quickly and cost-effectively leverages current technology investment and helps to automatically capture, organize and distribute data throughout the enterprise.

All patient documentation including driver’s licenses, insurance cards, advanced directives, referrals, face sheets, eligibility reports, bills, EOBs, medical records and bar coded documents are secure and available in a central environment with controlled access by user, department or document type.

Rasi provides users with immediate and simultaneous access to patient folders, improves clinical documentation to support appropriate billing service levels and assists in improving patient, provider and employee satisfaction while meeting HIPAA and Joint Commission requirements. With Rasi Web, physicians and other authorized users can access patient financial and clinical documents and information remotely and securely from a Web browser.


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