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Independent Document Management

byCharles Wilson, DB Technology, CEO

Improved Revenue Cycle through Independent Document Management

As MEDITECH customers look to maximize their investment, consultants advise that an independent approach to Document Management improves revenue cycles, access to critical information, and the patient experience.  What constitutes an “independent approach”?

  • Does the solution provide for access throughout the cycle of the patient’s experience?  Does it collect all data at registration and allow for easy addition of clinical and back office data/reports as required?
  • Check for interoperability with your MEDITECH installation and external sources of data.  A value-added independent solution will easily and transparently connect with all your disparate systems.
  • Through your due diligence, check to ensure that the system of choice is intuitive, easy to implement with minimal ongoing training, and provides a secure web enabled viewer to make report retrieval fast and secure. Your information should always just be a click away.
  • Studies show that the best ways to improve your revenue cycles are through the accurate access to data, the ability to populate the data into correct forms, and to automate the payor communication.  Check to make sure that your document management system is not simply focused on the clinical side.  Does it provide easy to use functions such as scan/archive, customizable forms, and support all known healthcare communication protocols?
  • Do you have a requirement to migrate information from legacy systems?  If so, check for a proven migration strategy that can be done quickly, safely, and cost effectively.

In summary, there are many benefits of an independent system including transparent access to all data and bottom line improvement of your revenue cycle.

For further information or to inquire on how to move forward with a complimentary document management assessment, please contact Dave Wetzel at DB Technology (dwetzel@dbtech.com) or call 716-510-6191.

Charles Wilson is the President of DB Technology, and has extensive experience in leading software organizations.  DB Technology recently announced a VALCO Conversion Program in coordination with Iatric Systems.  DB Technology supports over 400 customers nationwide with focused document management, digital records, and electronic forms management solutions.

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