Healthcare and community hospitals


Dbtech Ras has been specifically tailored for healthcare workflows to increase revenue, expedite payments and reduce costs, while maintaining the integrity of all security and privacy mandates. With that in mind, Ras can become an important element in the success of a broader electronic medical record (EMR) solution.

Ras is proven to work with all major applications, independent of hardware, operating systems, databases or system architecture. It captures, compresses and archives data from any application – regardless of data source – into a secure, searchable database.

Below is a chart that will help you easily identify how Ras addresses major issues within the healthcare industry. Just click on the area of interest to reveal how Ras addresses specific needs. Of course, should you have any questions or require further clarification of how Ras will benefit your organization please Contact Us.

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Challenges Dbtech Solution How the dbtech solution addresses the problem
Report storage Ras Providing on-line access to historical documents
Enterprise data consolidation Ras, Data Extraction, and Integration Data mines documents and consolidates information from disparate documents and systems
Immediate access to information or document delivery Ras, eForms, and E-mail Transfer Documents delivered to Ras are immediately available to users that need them either through Internet or Intranet
Automation efficiencies Ras automation modules Eliminates manual tasks related to document preparation, delivery and manipulation
Assure role-based access to documents & protection of PHI Ras, Rasi, eForms Ras and Rasi deliver documents in a role-based structure
Audit management Ras, Rasi All actions within dbtech products are audited; all actions within Rasi are audited to the patient level, i.e. e-mail, printing, copying, modifying, adding
Cost of forms eForms Eliminates the need to purchase stock forms, can be printed at the point of patient registration with barcodes (patient wristbands)
Specialized interfaces with data repositories Ras, Data Extraction, and Integration Ras can data mine any incoming document and export the data to any third party requirements



Ras integrates with all major HIT systems (Epic, MEDITECH, Seimens, Mckesson and more) and provides relevant solutions for challenges like the upcoming 5010 transition.

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Ras with Meditech Ras with Siemens Ras and HIPAA 5010