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Information Management Strategy

Phil Sullivan, DBTech, Director of Marketing and Technology

Last year AIIM released an ebook entitled, “8 reasons you need a strategy for managing information – before it’s too late”.  The full download can be found here.  I recommend you read it because you will be surprised at how risky it is to not have a plan in place.

The reasons vary from environmental to legal.  From putting in a fail-safe for lost documents to eliminating the risk of non-compliance.  Did you know that 7.5 percent of all documents get lost, 3% of the remainder get misfiled.

The information management landscape is changing quickly and dramatically and the stakes of getting it wrong are rising.  Now is the time to finally create and implement a strategy to treat your organization’s information as a critical business asset.

RAS enables you to completely eliminate that risk.  Water damage to your file room?  Not a problem because your information is stored safely online and is backed up.  Filing cabinets in HR were damaged?  Again, your information is stored online and is safe.

Document management enables you to eliminate paper before it is printed with electronic document capture.  Your existing paper can be scanned and barcoded if needed.  That is how a document imaging system eliminates your risk and puts you on a path for a true information management strategy.

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