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Is That SharePoint or Ras

SharePoint is a popular collaboration tool to share documents between users and partners.  Collaboration is the number one reason for implementing SharePoint according to a recent AIIM Strategies and Experiences White-Paper1

SharePoint users push and tag documents with meta-data into SharePoint Team Sites.  Team Sites act as the functional equivalent to Ras Folders.

Similarities between SharePoint and Ras end here, as a majority of SharePoint implementations have required third-party tools and consultants to reach functional levels of Ras. 

A major SharePoint shortcoming is workflow.  By workflow we mean the process of Document Routing, Document Approvals, Life-Cycle and Intelligent Document Management

Document Routing

Document Routing has been a Ras mainstay since 1993, and includes tools to drive enterprise content, notify staff of new content and deliver data to critical workflows.  Ras Workflow Automations push documents and alerts to users through email, smart phones and secured URL’s.  Document data can be extracted and integrated with any third-party application.  For instance, Patient Accounting users can scan Explanation of Benefits into Ras and interface payment data to receivable applications. 

Document Approvals

Document Approvals are a new Ras feature and permit sophisticated user-driven workflows. Ras customers can establish multi-layer approvals for Vendor Invoices, Employment Applications and Capital Requests.  In the coming months dbtech will announce an enhancement to Rasi eForms that will drive online forms with sophisticated data-entry rules and integration with signature devices. 


Life-Cycle is critical to Document Governance, and is a significant downside to SharePoint.  Ras customers have controlled Document Life-Cycle for well over 17 years, and can be assured that content is eliminated with minimal administrative intervention.  Document Life-Cycle is extremely important for those organizations that must adhere to SOX compliance.

Intelligent Document Management (IDM)

Intelligent Document Management (IDM) is a critical component to any serious Enterprise Content Management (ECM) implementation.  IDM automates meta-data collection from foreign systems, applications and documents without end-user intervention.  Ras customers have enjoyed this feature for years.  With IDM Face-sheets captured by RAS are analyzed for admitting physician, insurance and service to drive business processes, distribution and Workflows. 

Please give dbtech a call if you are considering a SharePoint implementation.  Our business is Enterprise Content Management and we can help you save significant funds by removing expensive third-party SharePoint gap solutions.


1 http://www.aiim.org/sharepoint/paper/sharepoint-industry-watch-report

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