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Missing Surgical Consents Will Hurt Your Bottom Line


In a recent article from the Journal of the American Medical Association, a survey found that Consent forms were missing from 66% of the surgical cases.

Missing surgical consents led to delays in 14% of operative cases, added to provider frustration and increased patient anxiety.  All bad news as patient satisfaction scores become directly tied to reimbursements, especially surgical encounters which are most lucrative.

When a hospital uses eForms or Rasi they KNOW when consents are missing … quickly.  With this knowledge a hospital can be proactive in avoiding the negatives of this situation.

What was also interesting was the time reported to collect consent. More than half reported they spent 10 minutes for less, 31% spent 20 minutes or more obtaining consents.  There is definitely room for improvement if this study is indicative of the market.

However, if you read the study further you can see that the problem is much more than a procedural issue solved by technology.  97% of residents were comfortable obtaining the consent for minor procedures, but only 47% were comfortable with obtaining consent for major procedures.  What can be done to make this easier?  I have some thoughts on this, but it is a topic better suited to an essay than a blog!

What is encouraging is what John’s Hopkins did to alleviate this situation:

  1. Implement an electronic process where consents made it to the medical record immediately
  2. Worked on consent form standardization
  3. Upped the training on those responsible

This is definitely an area where Dbtech’s eForms would add tremendous value.  With eForms consents are immediately accessible any time during the patient encounter, and when completed are instantaneously linked to the medical record/EMR/EHR.  Also, as a standard practice of implementation, our team works with your Forms Committee and end-users to redesign your heretofore paper forms and consents into digital content accessible on notebooks and mobile tablets.  This provides the opportunity to standardize forms and revisit what might be unnecessary forms and workflows.   Patient signatures are obtained electronically and forwarded along with the completed consent form to ANY platform.

If you want to learn more about how Dbtech can improve YOUR hospital’s Forms solutions just click the link here.

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