NOA: Notice of Admisson

Eliminate Manual Faxing

Ras NOA automatically submits Notice of Admission documents to insurance companies via fax immediately upon admission. The status of each fax is recorded in the NOA viewer. You can verify that notifications are being successfully sent to a payer, as well as see if the fax has received any errors.

The payer can respond by phone or email acknowledging the ffax transmission and provide a billing reference number to be entered into the NOA application. Billing can monitor the NOA viewer and filter the records that have been transmitted but are missing a corresponding reference number and manage the exceptions.

NOA5Features & Benefits

  • Notice of Admission Workflow: Use queries to generate work lists to ensure proper authorization has been received.
  • Reduce Denials: Automating this process improves efficiency and ensures timely submission.
  • Scanning: When a Payer faxes back an authorization, scan in so that it can be easily viewed with the entire record.
  • Easy Appeal Process: Proof of NOA submission and receipt is stored together; which simplifies the appeal process.
  • Export to EMR: Integrates with all EMRs.
  • Customize NOA Form: Works with all Payers.