Notice of Admission – NOA

Hospitals are required to notify insurance payers in a timely manner when a new patient is admitted.

Failure to do so often ends in time wasted and revenues lost.

This notification process is often manually driven by registration staff through website data entry, phone calls and faxing.  This process is further complicated by unscheduled patients, payer specific requirements and mistakes generated by your registration staff.

Dbtech’s Notice of Admission, or NOA solution, automatically faxes payers their notifications, and integrates with all registration systems and EMRs using industry standard HL7 or standard face sheet output.  Each Payer requiring a fax will automatically receive a notification minutes after your staff completes a patient registration.  From there, hospital personnel can view the fax status, date sent, and resubmit Notice of Admission forms to be resent as needed through the RAS NOA interface.

NOA is essential to Receivables Management 

Notice of Admission NOA Solution

  • Integrates with all EMRs & Payers

  • Timely Payer Notification Reduces Denials

  • Simplifies appeal processes

  • Secure & Flexible user access