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Paper Data Breach Hits Four Hospitals

Health Data Management published an article this week about a paper data breach that hit four hospitals recently.

Four community hospitals in Massachusetts and their associated pathology practices are investigating major breaches after tens of thousands of paper pathology records were found at a recycling station by a Boston Globe photographer who was dropping off his trash.

Unfortunately paper data breaches like this are far too common.  Although they should be easy to avoid, that isn’t always the case.  How secure is your paper?  What audit procedures do you have in place to track compliance?

With RAS this process is simple.  Everything that can be captured electronically is sent to RAS and stored in a secure and encrypted system.  Any data requests are granted based on role based permissions.  All requests are tracked so you can easily determine who viewed, printed or emailed a report.  These permissions can be granted or restricted based on your organizational policies.  Your information is made available instantly throughout your organization through a secure web browser.

The dumped records appear to be pathology reports from 2007 to early 2010, which include names, addresses, dates of birth, diagnoses, insurance policy numbers and Social Security numbers.

Contact Us today so we can show you how to protect your data.  You can be live with RAS in under 30 days.

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