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Greg Park, Director of Healthcare Solutionsby Greg Park

Why PDF Files in RAS?

Five years ago, dbtech introduced Ras PDF to capture, automate and disseminate Adobe PDF files.  Since then many customers have used Ras for their graphical documents created in Crystal Reports, MS Office and documents created outside of your organization.  Please consider these additional benefits when you choose Ras to manage your PDF content.

Scanning Made Easier

Scanners with programmable function keys can publish files directly to Ras without a user interface. Users place documents into a scanner, scan and find the document securely stored in Ras.  Converting an image file created by a scanner into a searchable PDF file can be accomplished by the native functionality of the scanner, or by utilizing the Ras PDF and OCR modules in tandem. This is a great method for managing resumes, certification documents, Invoices, Contracts and even Explanation of Benefits (EOBs).

Has your organization been looking for a method to completely automate your Accounts Payable Invoice payment process?

Promote Digital Authorizations

Placing content into PDF files opens up many methods for electronic signatures and authorizations. Consider this possibility as you contemplate electronic signature of patient forms at registration. PDF files stored in Ras can also be opened in Adobe and authorized with private key encryption.

PDF Standardization and Security

If you are auto-emailing clear text documents to external recipients, STOP.

Let dbtech show you how to convert text-documents automatically to PDF format. This ensures recipients use the information in a familiar user interface with the strongest layer of security possible to protect your content.

Digital Audio and Video Files

Many don’t realize this, but the PDF format is ideal for sharing audio and video files. By adding video to a PDF document, you can keep audiences engaged and deliver compelling information for anyone to view, using the free Adobe Reader.   Ras gives you tremendous flexibility to engage these files into any financial, administrative or clinical workflow.

Interactive PDF Forms

Even if you are flexing your Ras and PDF muscles to their max, you probably haven’t taken advantage of the ability within Ras for users to open PDF files with the standard Adobe Reader. When documents are opened in Adobe Reader, you have a vast number of tools at your disposal, including the ability for users to type input, select check-boxes and digitally authorize documents. PDF files delivered through Ras is a great method to facilitate internal document workflow, such as capital requests and employee data change forms.

There is so much you can do with Ras and PDF.

Give us a call today to discuss your specific needs.

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