RAS Scan

Scanning Documnets Couldn’t Be Simpler

Ras Scan allows any manual paper document to be scanned seamlessly into Ras through it’s easy viewer interface. Once scanned, images may be processed through the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine and converted to searchable PDF files.

Electronic folders can be created to store all paper from any department, reducing the need for filing cabinets filled with paper documents. With Ras Scan, printing, filing, equipment, searching and resource costs for all paper documents can be eliminated.

Ras Scan can significantly impact the following areas in your organization:

  • Human Resources

    Create electronic departmental folders containing employee documents such as applications, resumes, credentials, background checks, performance evaluations, disciplinary actions and payroll records.

  • Purchasing

    Create electronic folders for purchase orders, inventory reports, projects, vendors, facilities, departments and reports.

  • Compliance

    Use the employee electronic folders in HR, compliance training and employee and audit trails.

  • Accounting

    Create electronic folders for invoices, vendors, copies of checks and reports.

Ras Scan works in conjunction with other Ras Workflow Automations allowing you to reduce and eliminate many time consuming tasks.