Save time and paper by automating workflow in your HR, legal and accounting departments

There’s An Easier Way

Sending paper documents across the enterprise or paper-intensive departments like HR, legal and accounting can waste valuable staff time and the hard costs of printing and record storage. By automating your workflow with dbtech Ras, you can speed up approval processes, better share information, and keep secure and reliable records according to your needs.

  • Flow documents through your team according to policy.
  • Know systematically where the bottlenecks are and fix them.
  • Maintain security and an audit trail around your documents.
  • Archive documents for the period desired or required.
  • Destroy documents according to your organization’s policy.
  • Be reliably notified when document-related events like mandatory training, contract expiration or license expiration are upcoming.

The dbtech Ras intelligent document management system helps our enterprise clients speed up collaboration for approvals, information sharing and easily accessible departmental record-keeping. Our system is easy to implement and to use and has a 25-year track record of producing measurable results.

Get started saving time & paper with Ras.