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The Benefits of Business Process Automation

I want to thank Forrester Consulting for their recent report focused on the cost savings and business benefits of process automation. Forrester conducted a detailed study on tangible benefit gained by automating manual business processes.

You can read the expanded study yourself here, but permit me to summarize.

The study looked at 3 different businesses to determine the benefits of automating workflows.  The findings were conclusive and included the following:

  • Return on investment of 176%
  • Pay-back period less than 11 months
  • Employee productivity up by 15%


What automations are we discussing and what does it all have to do with Dbtech?

Good question!

Dbtech has automated processes for over 20 years!  In the early Ras days automations would include…

  • Automatically sending data to external business partners
  • Analyzing report data and publishing actionable data to spreadsheets and databases
  • Notifying users via email of new content or when data exceeds corporate thresholds
  • Automatically re-registering recurring outpatients into the EMR
  • Normalizing data between platforms
  • More…

Recently with the addition of eFolders and eForms, Dbtech has been able to address new types of workflows, including…

  • Automating the signature and approval of vendor invoices
  • Patient onboarding intelligence
  • Employee onboarding
  • Connecting unstructured data with the patient record in the EMR
  • Providing logical tools to collect and share Form data, i.e. releases and waivers
  • More…

The benefits of no-code automation tools like Ras over self-developed code are striking and very familiar to Dbtech.  For instance, businesses that elect to self-develop automation procedures, for example creating a new-hire documentation collection workflow.  At first glance this seems like a smart business decision, but as you consider that EMR implementations, federal requirements and software schedules/expectations are more demanding than ever, you have to wonder if these small yet significant processes will ever be completed.  It takes much more time to self-develop workflows than it does to use no-code solutions like Ras, eFolders or eForms.

Another striking blow against self-development is the ongoing maintenance.  When time comes to modify processes, will the original author still work for you?  IT personnel churn is at an all-time high, and it is very likely that Joe who created your specialized workflow will not be with you in 3 years when adjustments are needed.  My 30 years of health information technology experience tells me that documentation is sparse and understanding what was previously written can sour even the strongest of IT personnel.

Automating business processes is a good thing to do, but most see it as something they will get to when they are completed their EMR implementation…working towards MU2…MU3…ICD10…and the list goes on and on.  By the time you get around to considering automation you could have reaped both the time and dollars savings if you acted today.

It is easy to do, and Dbtech will be there with you through this journey to automate everything!


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