Dbtech’s Downtime Solutions

Dbtech’s Downtime Solutions provide multiple levels of protection based on your need.

Level I

The dbtech “Level I” downtime solution provides access to patient data during an EMR and/or network downtime event.  In-house patient information is distributed securely to multiple “downtime workstations”.  These workstations can include nursing floors, ancillary departments and any desktop where users need access to patient data.  Each workstation has dbtech’s Downtime Workstation   application installed which allows for easy and secure access of information.

When downtime events occur all critical information is literally at your fingertips.

Level II

The dbtech “Level II” downtime solution includes everything in the Level I solution but also enables the registration of new patients upon arrival on designated Downtime Workstations.  Staff can have access to all historical patient encounters and can use this data along with downtime patient account numbers to generate a new encounter. All new encounter data can be integrated with the EMR at the conclusion of the downtime event.

Users can also capture driver’s licenses, insurance cards, patient photos and other onboarding documents.  The Level II Downtime Solution includes eForms with eSignatures for your waivers, releases and other patient-specific forms.

When downtime events occur staff can be freed from re-keying paper forms or scanning photocopied documents after the downtime situation is resolved.

Recovery time can be quick when the re-keying of patient data into the EMR and scanning documents into the EDM is eliminated.

Features Matrix

Feature/Solution* Level I Level II
Access to patient information checkmark image checkmark image
Ability to create new patient encounters   checkmark image
Ability to scan documents at downtime registration   checkmark image
Ability to print paper forms during downtime, i.e. wristbands and labels   checkmark image
Ability to generate eForms with electronic patient signatures   checkmark image
All downtime registrations merge back into the EMR   checkmark image
All scanned documents and completed eForms can be merged back to the EDM   checkmark image

*All Solutions can be applicable during both Network and EMR Downtimes

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