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Three Healthcare Providers Choose DBTech Products to Automate Processes, Lower Costs & Make Life Easier for Employees


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CLARK, NJ – DECEMBER 7, 2010DBTech, a premier provider of document management and workflow automation solutions, added three new healthcare providers to its growing roster of healthcare customers: Mount St. Mary’s Hospital & Health Center in Lewiston NY, Evangelical Community Hospital in Lewisburg, PA and Allied Services in Clark Summit, PA.

Mount St. Mary’s and Evangelical Community Hospital have purchased DBTech’s RAS, a family of products used to digitize, automate and manage electronic and paper-based information related to patient care and back office functions.

The two hospitals are using RASi and RAS e-Forms to replace their outdated addressograph embosser machines used to imprint patient information.

Mount St. Mary’s serves the people of Niagara County in upstate N.Y. and is part of Ascension Health, the largest Catholic health system in the U.S.  New patients had their information added to documents and wristbands using the old addressograph technology. This made it difficult to read in some cases and difficult to process diabetic testing orders at the bedside.

“Our nurses were frustrated with the addressograph process and having to enter the same information more than once,” said Richard Witkowski, CIO of Mount St. Mary’s.  “In particular, there was no simple way for the nurses to ensure that patients with daily required glucose testing would be monitored during their hospital stay.”

Mount St. Mary’s switched to DBTechy’s RASi to capture patient information stored in individual electronic folders.  RAS e-forms populate labels with requisite patient information, including barcodes, which facilitates diabetic testing and eliminates errors.  Bar coded patient wristbands are key in this process.

“The hospital chose the RAS products because several other Ascension Health hospitals purchased them and were happy with the results,” added Witkowski. “With RASi and RAS eForms, nurses scan the patient bar coded wrist band which eliminates the manual entry of the patients identification number.  The nurses are much happier and patients are safer.”

Evangelical Community Hospital, based in Lewisburg, PA, has also begun a multi-phase project to replace its addressograph machines, starting with RASi to scan patient information and produce labels for wristbands.  Evangelical has also purchased RAS for report storage and distribution.

Allied Health, also based in Pennsylvania, runs a group of rehabilitation hospitals and outpatient facilities.  One of its facilities in Clark Summit is using RAS in the business office to automate invoice processing for accounts payable, and to archive and distribute reports.

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