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Visiting Customers

By Charlie Wilson

The best part of my job is visiting our fantastic customers.  Customers are the ultimate report card and the feedback is always welcome and needed.  Listening to the creative ways that people are benefiting from RAS always warms my heart.  Document Management has evolved and people continue to amaze me with their ideas.

This week I spent my time on the West Coast speaking with customers, future customers, and software partners.  Having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 1/3 of my life, it was good to be back on the West Coast.  Thank you to all that provided feedback during the customer forum.

Listening to your customers is an important part of any good company.  How does your market offering benefit your customers?  Where are the shortfalls?  Where is the market direction?  Without an understanding of how your customers are using your solutions, without soliciting your customers’ opinion of future requirements, and without an understanding of the overall market, you cannot build a roadmap for your company.

Go speak with your customers.  They are great.

Charlie Wilson is the CEO of DB Technology located in Clark, NJ.  DB Technology is a provider of document management solutions, including document imaging, workflow and electronic forms.

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