Workflow Automation

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In order to save time, redirect resources and to prevent human error, Ras Automation Modules automatically capture, process, access and distribute information wherever and whenever needed.

Take the no-nonsense approach and replace manual data entry and tedious labor and paper-intensive processes with Ras Automation Modules. Automatically provide secure report distribution via your internal network or through a Web browser. Create spreadsheets, provide on-demand EIS reports, e-mailing and electronic bursting of reports and information. Speed up your processes while improving accuracy. The number and quality of the Ras Automation Modules set dbtech apart from other document management and imaging companies.


Scan-to-Ras and Scan-to-Rasi
Converts scanned documents such as advanced directives, EOBs, insurance correspondence, clinical notes, contracts and resumes into searchable PDF files that can be organized into patient, vendor or employee folders.

Forms/Custom Forms
Eliminates expenses associated with manual pre-printed forms and accommodates quick access to patient data to answer billing questions from customers by being able to capture UB04s and 1500s (healthcare) and folios (hospitality) electronically. Allows users the ability to perform searches and access specific data for any time period.

X-12 Automatic Capture
Converts and archives all 837 transmissions and 835 receipts into a user-friendly, searchable database. Allows your users to automatically capture, query, view, print and store transactions in an easy-to-read format. Eliminates the need for conversion programs to audit and query data.

PDF Capture and Splitting
Gives users the capability to archive and transfer documents with rich content utilizing color in graphical formats.

Automatically captures HL7 transactions to create and maintain the Master Patient Index.  Creates in-house documents such as order forms, results and face sheets directly from HL7 transactions.


Data Extraction
Eliminates errors associated with re-keying data by automatically extracting data from single or multiple sources. Data can be imported into a separate database program or format. Information is immediately available enabling executives to make timely business decisions. Information can be mined to create interfaces and generate dashboard reports.

Custom Splitting
Automatically bursts reports into several sectioned or departmental reports and sends to identified and authorized users. Reports can be split on any specified data element, such as financial class, patient type, hospital code or other criteria.


Rasi Web
Provides physicians, third party organizations and authorized hospital employees with the ability to view Rasi patient folders, including electronic and scanned documents,using a Web browser.

Rasi SmartLinks
Eliminates costs associated with expanding Rasi to all hospital departments. Set up links between Rasi patient folder and Ras documents without the need for outside resources.

Web Viewer
Users can access information anytime and anywhere. Reports and forms not residing on a LAN or WAN are delivered automatically with built-in encryption security. Users can view information as if they were working in a network-based application.


For those users who require paper reports, Autoprint automatically prints sections or complete reports to any network printer.

Autoprint Forms
Eliminates the need to manually print forms that must be printed on a regular basis. Autoprint Forms distributes these automatically printed forms to those who require printouts. Automates the manual process of printing selected forms. Once the commands are set up, selected and specified forms are printed automatically without user intervention.

E-mail Transfer
Eliminates the need to manually fax or remotely distribute reports to users who have a need for hardcopy reports. Automates the manual process of sending selected reports. No user intervention is needed once the commands are set up. Converts data to a uniform PDF viewer with built-in password and recipient security with all encryption and security as required by HIPAA relating to the protection of patient health information (PHI).

Users can extract data and update existing databases by automatically and instantly merging and integrating applications that had been independent of one another. Provides the ability to merge data from disparate systems. Allows for the sending of FTP files to remote locations, push reports to PDAs or fax servers or launch third-party applications while the information is being automatically captured.

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