X12 Version 4010 to 5010 Transition

Are You Ready For The Mandated Change To X12 5010?

The HIPAA 5010 transition deadline has past, but there is still time! Whether your healthcare organization has yet to embark on the mandated switch, or you are well along in the planning process, dbtech Ras can help ensure the changeover is easy, and that the March 31, 2012 5010 enforcement date proves non-disruptive.

4010 to 5010 x12 transition diagram

Our 5010 Solution Provides:

  • Dual transaction support
  • Interoperability with all major HIT platforms
  • Workflow Automations
  • A crucial step toward ICD-10 compliance

And, your 5010 compliance doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.
Dbtech can also assist you with your 5010 testing.