Cerner EHR Integrations

dbtech Seamlessly Integrates with Cerner EHR System

Providing healthcare organizations enhanced interoperability and streamlined workflow.

With Cerner’s Model Experience, our implementation process is simplified and cost-effective, making it suitable for clinical and ambulatory care. Our partnership ensures a seamless transition and optimized performance, resulting in improved patient care and a more efficient healthcare system.

Beyond integration, dbtech amplifies the capabilities of Cerner’s EHR by offering robust document management solutions, ensuring continuous operation with downtime protection, and enhancing operational efficiency through workflow automation and electronic forms. These added functionalities empower Cerner clients to manage patient records more effectively, safeguard against unplanned outages, automate routine tasks, and transition to paperless processes. The result is a more resilient, agile, and patient-centric healthcare environment.

Quick Implementation

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Cerner’s EHR system allows easy integration with our solution, enhancing your EHR environment and extending its functionalities. Our team ensures a seamless transition and integration while enabling faster access to patient data and streamlined workflows. This means an easier transition and more time spent with your patients.

Downtime Preparation

Even during EHR downtime, vital patient information can still be captured and updated seamlessly when the system is up again with our downtime solution. Automating the process of printing barcodes, armbands, and labels helps eliminate paper-based processes, reducing the potential for care mishaps. This feature ensures optimal patient safety and helps healthcare providers remain prepared.

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Streamlined Patient Registration

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One of the most significant benefits of Dbtech’s Cerner EHR Integration is the preparedness it allows for system downtime. Our paperless registration process securely stores patient information and is readily accessible via HL7, reducing the risk of lost or misplaced physical paperwork. This ensures that patient care can continue seamlessly even during system downtime, enhancing the overall patient experience.

Eliminate Paper-based Processes

dbtech’s Cerner integration allows hospitals to eliminate paper-based processes, which can take up valuable time and resources. By eliminating paper-based processes, hospitals can save storage, printing, and toner costs while streamlining patient data intake. In addition, hospitals can avoid compliance issues relating to inaccurate patient records. By upgrading to digital documentation, hospitals can improve efficiency and accuracy while enhancing patient care.

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