Charity Care

Electronic Solution for Charity Care

Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your hospital is state audit ready.

An electronic charity care solution increases efficiency, improves accuracy, enhances patient satisfaction, and simplifies compliance for hospitals. It also provides data tracking and reporting, cost savings, remote access, and better security for patient information.


Protect your patients’ privacy while improving state audit outcomes & compliance.

Ability to control audits and support for multiple audits

Significantly reduces labor associated with collecting PHI

Elimination of paper-based processes increases the quality of data

Reduced risk associated with paperbound processes

Provides insight into document collection while improving the process

Facilitates adherence to state requirements resulting in greater compliance

Streamline the State Auditing Process

Transform your hospital’s charity care process with our automated and secure solution.

An electronic charity care solution can:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve accuracy
  • Enhance patient satisfaction
  • Simplify compliance for hospitals
  • Provide data tracking and reporting
  • Reduces cost
  • Allows for remote access
  • Strengthens security for patient information

The process of preparing for a state charity care audit can be daunting and time-consuming if done manually. dbtech’s Charity Care Solution eliminates the stress and hassle of manually gathering documentation, as it allows patient finance representatives to access and store documentation quickly and securely. 

State Auditors will only be able to view requested charity care accounts and documentation when conducting their review. This streamlined process significantly reduces the amount of time needed to prepare for an audit—what once took days to prepare, now takes hours. 

Keep PHI Safe with Our Secure Solution

At dbtech, we understand that protecting the privacy and security of individuals’ health information is one of the most important aspects of managing charity care audits. That’s why our Charity Care solution utilizes secure technology to ensure that all private health information (PHI) remains safe and is unexposed to any unauthorized parties.

With the dbtech solution, you can achieve the improvements shown below.

Reduce risk of compromising PHI &
data leaks

Access patient-specific information for the audit

Experience greater
control of PHI

Save time & labor associated with paper-bound workflows

Simplify Charity Care Audits with Electronic Forms

When it comes to complex charity care audits, streamlining the data collection process is critical. 

With our intuitive solution, your staff can quickly launch the application from their designated workstation and complete the process quickly and efficiently. Together with scanning and eSignature capabilities, Charity Care Audits can now be handled solely through digital means using Electronic Forms.

Reduce Labor Associated with Gathering Critical PHI

The Charity Care Solution from dbtech offers hospitals a powerful tool to reduce the labor associated with gathering critical protected health information (PHI).

By allowing supporting documents to be printed or emailed, this innovative solution greatly reduces the manual labor that is often necessary for collecting PHI.

In addition, the Charity Care solution provides improved insights into patient data and documentation.

  • Hospitals can gain control over required documentation
  • Reduce labor associated with gathering critical documentation
  • Documents can be printed or emailed
  • Provides insight into document collection while improving it

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