Improve Collection, Management & Access of Patient Data & Documents for State Auditors

The Rasi Charity Care Audit Application provides patient finance reps a system for storing and accessing documents required to support a State Charity Care Audit. A Rasi Charity Care Auditor interface ensures State Auditors only see the requested charity care accounts and documents.


  • Gain control over which documents are collected based on your business’ workflows
  • Reduce man-hours by identifying missing information before it becomes a problem 
  • Adhere to state requirements by providing access to specific accounts and documents
  • Replace onsite audits with online audits
  • Control your PHI and avoid potential data leaks

    Gain Control Over Required Documentation

    • Access patient content specific to the Audit
    • Collect documents intended to support charity care audits
    • Patient Accounts and content is fully audited and role-based
    • Scan & eSign Electronic Forms
    • Supports multiple audits

    Reduce Man-Hours While Providing Insight Into Document Collection

    “Before Charity Care it took us 2 months to prepare for a Charity Care Audit, and now with dbtech this process takes us less than an hour.  We can make sure we have all the documents required BEFORE the audit even occurs, so this gives us peace of mind to know we won’t have to scramble to prepare for a scheduled or unchecked audit.” 

    Adhere to State Requirements

    Before the actual State audit your hospital will receive instructions along with a file containing a random list of charity care claims related to the timeframe being audited.  Your Rasi administrator will load this file into the Rasi Charity Care Module which will create a view of Rasi for the State Auditors. You can even setup an environment, so the auditors never have to come onsite again.


    If you are managing your state charity audits manually today, STOP.  You are wasting your staff’s time and creating an environment where your patient’s PHI is compromised. Most charity care audits are conducted today using PAPER, which is inherently insecure and easy to transport offsite. Get rid of the paper and consider a more controlled and economical approach with dbtech’s Charity Care app. 


    Along with the ability to control audits, our Charity Care Solution also provides an electronic forms (eForms) library. Staff will launch the Application from their workstation and complete the process with electronic patient signatures. These documents can be printed or emailed to the patient for their records.

    The DB Technology Downtime Solution increases the quality of data input by eliminating slow paper-bound workflows

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