eForms from dbtech is an electronic forms solution that improves data collection and increases efficiency across departments and information systems within any organization. 

improve efficiency across all departments with eforms

dbtech’s eForms Solution ensures quality input and serves any department within your organization.

eForms streamlines the data collection process across all departments, even in patient care areas. Data is fed into the eForms solution from the appropriate host system, via an HL7 interface or flat text file, allowing forms to be pre-populated accordingly. This improved efficiency leads to better workflows and a better overall user or patient experience.

Departments that benefit from using eForms include:

  • Patient Access and Patient Financial Services
  • Human Resources
  • Accounts Payable
  • Materials Management
  • Information Technology
  • Medical Affairs


With the ability to integrate with most platforms, eForms allows users to access and complete forms without leaving their primary application.

This allows for faster implementation of the eForms solution with minimal training and no need to change existing workflows.

Some examples of the systems eForms works with include:

  • Cerner
  • Epic
  • Infor
  • iCIMS
  • UltiPro

Automate Workflows to Take the Pain Out of Paperwork

eForms takes the pain out of paperwork by automating tasks and workflows

Take the guesswork out of knowing which forms to use and when. Our Document Set automation, using configurable logic, suggests the predetermined set of forms available for each situation. You can even set triggers to automatically print face sheets, armbands and labels in real time to the appropriate area of treatment, allowing your patients to be triaged and treated quickly.

Barcodes with various symbologies can be printed on your documents to automate the indexing of forms when scanned, as well as to ensure secure, accurate patient identification when dispensing medication or reading glucometers. 

The eForms solution comes complete with eSignature capability, allowing staff and patients to sign forms electronically. 

Our Document Approval workflow minimizes paper and saves time by moving documents electronically through an approval process. 

The Consent Form workflow employs configurable logic to automatically prompt users if a new form is required. This results in increased compliance as well as overall satisfaction among patients and providers. 


If you have multiple forms, whereby only one section differs between them, our Dynamic eForms capability allows a single form to replace many by changing itself automatically based on specific criteria.


With dbtech’s eForms software, users can easily modify electronic forms to fit their specific needs.

This flexibility allows hospitals to create eForms that are tailored to individual workflows without the added cost of printing multiple versions of forms. Additionally, dbtech’s eForms software uses familiar, standard tools like Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat, which minimizes training time and allows you to be up and running quickly.

If you don’t have the time or resources to create your own eForms, dbtech can do the heavy lifting for you with our fully managed eForms solution.

Discover the Advantages of eForms for Your Hospital

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