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Employee Spotlight: Meet Justin

Hi Justin! Where are you from? I am originally from New York, but have lived in San Antonio for the past 20 years. What is your title/role at dbtech? What are your responsibilities in that role? I am the CEO of dbtech and am directly responsible for leading all strategic...

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EHR Downtime: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Paper-Based Workflows

Modern healthcare organizations are at a turning point: should they stick with the traditional paper-based system or take the leap of faith and transition to a more efficient EHR downtime solution? The answer lies in a healthcare organization's ability to identify potential pitfalls that come with paper-based workflows. Digitizing your...

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Innovative Uses for eFolders in Healthcare Organizations

In an era of rapid digital transformation, it's essential to think beyond traditional uses when it comes to leveraging technology in healthcare. In the case of eFolders, a robust forms management system, there are several innovative applications and benefits. Electronic folders (eFolders) are becoming an increasingly common document management software...

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How to Get the Most Out of Your EHR Downtime Solution

As healthcare providers know, any disruption to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) downtime process can significantly impact patient care and safety. That's why dbtech's innovative EHR downtime solution is designed to quickly and efficiently prevent and manage system outages, allowing hospital staff to focus on productivity and rendering excellent patient...

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Going Green with Rasi: How Rasi Reduces Paper Waste

How can healthcare organizations remain environmentally friendly while still meeting the needs of their patients? Rasi, dbtech's intelligent document solution, answers this dilemma. By completely transforming how healthcare documentation is handled, Rasi has allowed many healthcare organizations to reduce paper usage while still providing quality care. This blog post will...

by Cally Kobza

Preparation is Key: Audit Your Downtime Procedures

The healthcare landscape constantly evolves, encountering new challenges and more significant complexities daily. Ensuring your healthcare organization's continued success means evaluating its downtime procedures and determining if they are up to par. An in-depth audit assessment ensures your organization's uptime and resiliency. EHR downtime can mean loss of revenue, disrupted...

by Cally Kobza

Unlock Maximum Efficiency for Patient Registration with eForms

The patient registration process is one of the most important aspects in  healthcare.. This process can be time-consuming and inefficient if you use paper forms. dbtech's eForms software can help improve and streamline this process for your facility. eForms allow you to collect patient information electronically, which makes data entry...

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The ROI of Electronic Forms (eForms)

Eliminating paper cost is important, but typically only accounts for less than half of the total savings. Most importantly, it does not factor the cost of a poor patient experience. Case in point…Patient Registration. There are five key factors need in order to calculate an accurate ROI. 1. Total Registrations...

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The Downtime Dilemma: Why Healthcare Organizations Need a Plan

Downtime is an inevitable part of any healthcare organization. From scheduled maintenance to unplanned outages, systems will go offline from time to time. This can cause significant disruptions for patients and staff, leading to frustration. This blog post will discuss the downtime dilemma and how dbtech can help your healthcare...

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Key Considerations for a Successful EHR Migration

There are various reasons why an organization may want to move to a new EHR. However, most often, it's because they need a new system to accommodate changing technology or because their old EHR has become outdated. For healthcare organizations, switching to a new EHR requires thorough consideration and planning...

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