Downtime Solutions

EHR Downtime Events are Inevitable & Often Unexpected

Modern healthcare depends on the collection and accessibility of reliable and timely patient information, yet EMR and network downtimes are inevitable and often occur without notice due to software updates, hardware failures and ransomware.  All hospitals must include EHR Downtime Solutions as part of their DR plan.

 EHR Downtime Solutions Ease the Pain

  • Access critical patient data
  • eRegister patients with quality controls
  • Scan & eSign Electronic Forms
  • Rapid recovery – All registrations, images & eForms integrated with the EHR

Access to Patient Information

Downtime Workstations provide timely and secure access to the latest in-house patient information.  Demographic, allergies, completed tests and all information your hospital deems critical is available to users during downtime.

Downtime Registration

Even when the EHR is down, patient registration workflows will continue as normal.  Staff access historical patient data and record new patient encounters using input rules to increase data quality.  Once the downtime event is over, Dbtech’s Downtime Solution integrates all registrations back to the EMR.  This saves significant man-hours as the re-transcribing of patient data from paper forms into the EMR is eliminated.

Driver’s licenses, insurance cards and any other patient document can be scanned during the downtime registration process and are integrated back into your Electronic Document Management (EDM) platform after the downtime event has concluded.

The Dbtech Downtime Solution increases the quality of your data collection processes and will help prevent treatment delays.

Unlimited Registration Forms

Along with the ability to perform downtime registrations, our Downtime Solution also provides a complete electronic forms (eForms) library.  Registration staff will launch required forms, such as waivers, surgical releases and financial responsibility from their Downtime Workstations and complete the process with electronic patient signatures.  Labels and wrist-bands can also be printed with embedded patient data and bar-code.

The Dbtech Downtime Solution increases the speed of downtime patient registration by eliminating slow paper-bound workflows.

Rapid Recovery

Recovery time from downtime events will be quick as personnel will be freed from re-keying registrations into the EMR from paper forms or scanning photocopied documents into the EDM.   All registrations records will be automatically transmitted to the EMR and all completed forms and scanned documents will be replicated on the EDM at the completion of the downtime event.