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dbtech has a solution for all of your document management needs. We have years of experience in the healthcare industry and our team of experts is ready to help you optimize your organization’s operations.

  • Patient Registration
  • Downtime 
  • HL7 
  • Charity Care
  • Document Management 
  • Data Archive 

dbtech: Driving Efficiency in Your Document Workflows

Patient Registration

dbtech offers a number of solutions that improve your organization’s patient registration workflows. Using HL7 transactions, ensure complete and accurate data collection and distribution, in real time, resulting in more efficient interdepartmental collaboration.

In Rasi’s electronic patient folders, safely store and grant secure access to patient information and critical documentation. With eForms, you’ll print face sheets, armbands and labels automatically and to any patient care area, and you’ll complete PDF forms digitally and capture signatures electronically.


dbtech’s Downtime Solution is an extension of your EHR that provides redundancy when systems or networks are down. Critical patient information can still be accessed when otherwise unavailable. Electronically collect, document and update patient information during a downtime event, thus eliminating manual and paper workflows and the issues associated with those processes. 

After the downtime event ends, send all patient info back out to other systems electronically using HL7 and/or document export, providing a more rapid and efficient recovery.


dbtech’s bidirectional HL7 Solution supports the accurate and timely exchange of patient information throughout your organization.

Transactions sent to Ras from your interface engine support the automated creation and population of electronic folders, electronic forms and other documents with critical patient data.

Information can also be sent out of Ras in HL7 format to your interface engine, making recovery after a downtime event more efficient.

Charity Care

dbtech has developed a solution that allows hospitals to manage state charity care funding applications and audits more effectively.

Our Charity Care Solution provides a digitized system for completing, storing and accessing the required applications and supporting documentation that go along with such funding programs.

This solution eliminates the stacks of paper that your organization must keep on hand, the time it takes to complete the manual prep work for an audit, and it supports remote and online audits, even when the audit is conducted by a third party.

Document Management

dbtech’s document imaging and document management software solutions, Rasi and eFolders, are easy to use and save your organization time and money. Data is fed into Rasi and/or eFolders, allowing for the automatic and real-time creation of electronic folders, into which documents can be scanned or captured electronically.

Rasi is a patient-centric document solution that integrates with all clinical and financial systems without requiring substantial modification to existing workflows. eFolders is great for non-clinical, interdepartmental use including Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Contract Management, Provider Credentialing, and Materials Management.

Data Archive

dbtech’s data archive solutions reduce the time and expense associated with maintaining and accessing data from multiple legacy platforms.

Our Ras and Rasi products easily and efficiently capture and archive documents of any type and from any platform.

As a result, hospitals benefit from a reduction in support costs for retired systems and servers, the ease of storing and accessing legacy data all in one place, and maintaining compliance with government and industry-standard retention policies. 

dbtech is the perfect partner for hospitals looking to improve the patient experience, reduce costs and optimize workflows.

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