Ras is an Enterprise Content Management solution proven to work with all major applications, independent of hardware, operating systems, databases or system architecture. It captures, compresses and archives data from any application – regardless of data source – into a secure, searchable database..


How it Works

 Ras Ras is a Document Management Solution that Stores, Automates, Disseminates & Archives any Corporate Content.

Ras is relied upon by hundreds of businesses across the country for System Reports, Photographs, Video, Office Documents and More!

 eForms eForms is Your Forms Library for Printed & Electronic Forms.  

Create bar-coded wristbands, labels, badges with embedded data and photographs.  Enables eSignatures for Interactive Forms.

eFolders Enables Document Imaging in Any Department.  

Scan & Capture HR documents into a centralized employee database.

Capture Invoices for AP.

Supports patient registration workflows.

 noalogo NOA Auto-Faxes Payer Notifications as Unscheduled Patients are Admitted.  

Integrates with all EMRs.

 downtimesolutionslogo Downtime Solutions  Protects Hospitals from EMR Downtimes.

Provide access to critical patient data & patient registration workflows during an EMR Downtime Event.

Integrates with all EMR platforms.