In today’s data-heavy world, your business needs a document management system that meets your complex workflow needs.  Meet Ras eFolders – your key to content that stops creating work, and starts working for you.SCHEDULE A DEMO >>

eFolders enterprise content management


eFolders enables you to capture, store, integrate, and add business intelligence to any file or document in your organization regardless of the format, no matter the department.

This single system acts as a central repository, empowering your documents and consolidating control across the lifecycle of a document. Then, it automates distribution according to your specifications so that your information remains securely archived, yet instantly accessible throughout the organization.

Following are just a few of the departments and processes that can realize significant benefits from using eFolders:

Accounts Payable – Human Resources – Administration – Contract Management – Materials Management


Enterprises using eFolders create sizable cost savings, enable collaboration, eliminate inefficiencies, and automate workflows so staff spend less time pushing paper and more time making their companies more profitable.

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