Patient Registration

Spend Less Time on Patient Registration & More Time Caring for Patients

The success of a hospital or healthcare  facility often depends on how quickly and efficiently staff is able to register patients. That’s why we have developed an innovative eForms system to help you simplify your patient registration process and free up more time for patient care.

With our eForms system, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to register and manage patients while providing them with a secure, private registration experience. 

Streamline the registration process, reducing the need for paper forms that can lead to unnecessary expenses and care delivery issues.

Our system eliminates the expense of maintaining a paper forms inventory and avoids wasted time when those forms need to be changed.

Patient information is auto-filled via HL7 from previous encounters. This means faster registration times with fewer errors in documentation.

Enhance Interdepartmental Collaboration with our Versatile & Diverse Solution

dbtech’s versatile eForms with electronic signature capture provide users with the quickest and most efficient way to create and modify patient forms such as consent forms, wristbands, labels, waivers, releases, and more.

Using industry standard tools, like Adobe Forms, we improve the workflow around your existing Registration System.

This makes it easier for users to design exactly what they need without any training or technical know-how. 

Keep Your Patients’ Paperwork to a Minimum

  • eForms and wristbands can include patient photos for identification purposes as well as other images.
  • Barcodes with multiple symbologies can be added to automate form fills when scanned.
  • Barcoded labels and wristbands are compatible with all clinical and EHR systems.
  • Patients can render eSignatures using signature capture devices to reduce overall paper use.

A Smarter Way to Manage Patient Registrations

Explore the various ways dbtech enhances the patient registration process. 

Dynamic eForms

We help improve your Patient Registration process by streamlining and simplifying workflow with the use of Dynamic eForms.

This enables the use of information collected from the EHR to automatically adjust the form. This eliminates the need for multiple forms, as one form can now replace them all. In addition, Dynamic eForms help hospitals manage their forms management and intake processes more efficiently by reducing time spent on paperwork and allowing for faster processing of registration requests. 

EHR Integration

Our electronic forms solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with your organization’s EHR system. Our platform utilizes HL7 messaging standards for bi-directional communication and data exchanges between the EHR and our solution. This allows us to quickly populate patient forms with accurate information from the EHR, reducing time spent on form completion and increasing accuracy of data entry. We are proud to offer support for many leading EHR solutions such as:

  • Epic
  • Cerner
  • Allscripts
  • AthenaHealth 

Document Approval Workflow

This revolutionary feature streamlines the approval process and allows for document lifetime intelligence through configurable logic that automatically prompts registrars when a new form fill is needed. Not only does this help with compliance, but it also reduces manual labor for registrars during the registration process. 

Easy to Use Solution Provides a Host of Benefits

Maintain a centralized electronic repository of all forms with version control.

Eliminate costs associated with pre-printed multi-section forms.

Reduce wait time for patients.

Scalable solution that handles one point of registration to thousands.

Increase overall patient satisfaction.

Want to learn how dbtech streamlines Patient Registration?

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