Who We Serve

Why We Service Healthcare

Boasting decades of combined experience in the healthcare sector, the dbtech team possesses a wealth of industry-specific knowledge, including HL7 standards and EHR integrations. Our software solutions are specifically designed to cater to healthcare-related objectives, such as patient registration and network or EHR downtime.

We take pride in having worked with over 300 healthcare facilities having developed numerous mission-critical solutions that have transformed healthcare operations. By serving healthcare institutions, we strive to impact patient care and the provider experience positively.

Types of Facilities We Serve

Every healthcare facility has its unique set of needs and challenges, and dbtech’s solutions are designed to serve a wide range of healthcare organizations, from small clinics to large-scale hospitals with multiple facilities. Our approach ensures that our solutions are flexible and customizable, providing the best possible experience for patients and providers.

Some of the healthcare facilities we’ve worked with include:

Health Centers
Ambulatory Care
Nursing Homes

Departments We Help

Dbtech’s solutions are designed for several departments at healthcare facilities, meeting the varying needs of healthcare facilities and their employees. Our solutions help the following departments:

Doctor walking with computer tablet reviewing electronic forms


Our system eliminates the need for troubleshooting, allowing IT teams to concentrate solely on the issue at hand. Additionally, our streamlined recovery process ensures data integrity, making it easier to pinpoint the root problem.


dbtech helps C-Suite executives achieve risk mitigation and better compliance by significantly reducing paper-based procedures; hospitals and facilities can maintain operational continuity and a solid reputation.

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Revenue Cycle

dbtech’s eForms and downtime solutions work in tandem to optimize your revenue cycle management. Our eForms simplify patient financial processes such as pre-registration, registration, and charge capture, making it easier to submit claims and process remittances.

The automated verification and authorization features reduce denial rates, while our downtime solution ensures uninterrupted service. Together, they create a more efficient and resilient revenue cycle.

Patient Access & Registration

dbtech’s solutions help departments such as Patient Access & Registration ensure data accuracy during registration, eliminating manual entry and increasing operational efficiency. Our system provides a seamless patient experience even during network outages, improving patient satisfaction.

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Health Information Management (HIM)

dbtech’s robust solutions empower Health Information Management departments with seamless access to patient records, even during downtime. Our electronic forms and documentation can be directly exported to the EHR, eliminating manual processing and enhancing data integrity. This feature is not just a downtime solution; it’s an operational advantage that many of our current customers actively utilize.