EHR Migration

Switching EHRS? We’ll Help You Minimize The Expense

You’re not alone if your health system is transitioning from a legacy EHR to a more modern one. In addition to the time and expense of the new system, you’ll need to address what to do with all of the data in the existing EHR, e.g.:

  • What data will be migrated to the new EHR?
  • What data will not be migrated but must be maintained?
  • What is the life-cycle of the data maintained on the legacy EHR?

dbtech has helped hospitals reduce the expense of maintaining and accessing data from legacy platforms for over 30 years. Some of the ways we can help with this transition include: dbtech’s platform can capture and secure all legacy EHR data. For example, our Ras and Rasi products can capture reports, documents, data, images and more.

Our Downtime Solutions handle both EHR and network downtime events, including the ability to ensure digital registrations and access to critical patient data in both new and old EHRs simultaneously.

Our eForms product can create a digital forms library of your existing hospital forms and provide ready access to both physical and digital forms in both legacy and new EHRs simultaneously

These will allow you to benefit from:

  • Reduction in support costs for retired platforms still maintained for regulatory reasons.
  • Elimination of HW support for retired platform utilizing mainframes or mini computers.
  • Support for AR work-down scenarios.
  • Reductions in user license counts required on the legacy EHR.
  • Automates document lifecycle management
  • Other automation functionality not included in most EHRs
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