Electronic Patient Folders

Rasi: The Intelligent Document Management Solution for Hospitals

Modernize your hospital’s document management with Rasi

Hospitals are constantly under pressure to stay up-to-date with the latest technology while also managing their documents more efficiently.

Managing and tracking information related to patient care can be time consuming, costly, and error prone.

To keep hospitals running at their best, dbtech has developed Rasi – an intelligent document management solution specifically designed for hospitals that eliminates paper handling delays, non-payments and write-offs, while eliminating paper altogether. 

Rasi is a user-friendly solution that uses up-to-date healthcare technology. It automates the capture, organization, and distribution of data throughout the organization. Among other features, it can include patient documentation such as:

  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Insurance Cards
  • Referrals
  • Face Sheets
  • Eligibility Reports
  • Bills
  • EOBs
  • Medical Records

These are all bar coded for quick identification—in a centralized and controlled environment accessible by user login or department type.

The Easiest & Most Efficient Way to Organize Patient  Documentation

With Rasi Web, authorized users can access patient financial and clinical documents remotely and securely from any web browser, which are stored in electronic patient folders. Our technology is incredibly easy to implement throughout organizations, requiring no modifications of existing operational processes or workflows—it is simply installed and set up.

Rasi utilizes OCR technology to convert scanned documents into searchable PDF files. This allows you to easily organize your patient’s documents in various folder categories including:

  • Advance Directives
  • EOBs
  • Insurance Correspondence
  • Clinical Notes
  • Other Vital Documents

Once converted into searchable PDFs, these documents are available in an instant—no more time spent searching through stacks of paper! 

Explore the Advantages of a Paperless Document Management System

Paperless document management systems like dbtech’s Rasi can deliver significant advantages to healthcare providers.

By utilizing innovative technologies such as Smartlinks, Rasi helps reduce costs associated with paperless document storage, distribution, and management. This allows for increased efficiency, with faster access and sharing of patient information.

Rasi features an easy-to-deploy system that is entirely scalable. There is no need for installation on desktops or requirement for database admin to handle maintenance—making it a cost effective solution for hospitals of all sizes. 

With Rasi, documents can be quickly and easily linked between patient folders and Ras documents. This eliminates or significantly reduces paper usage, while eliminating associated expenses such as document distribution, as well as operational and managerial expenses.

By utilizing a paperless document management system like Rasi, healthcare providers realize the benefits of streamlined data entry processes and overall better interdepartmental communication.

How Rasi Helps Your Hospital Survive Downtime Events

When hospitals are faced with a downtime event, the implications can be devastating. Long hours of manual data entry, tedious document recovery processes, and inefficiency can all cause costly delays in patient care. That’s where dbtech’s Rasi makes the difference. 

Rasi is designed to help your hospital survive a downtime event by providing quick and accurate data entry, edit, and storage capabilities. With Rasi’s ADT interface, the recovery process is much less time consuming than manual methods. In fact, for every hour of downtime, it takes less than an hour for your system or network to recover. 

eForms  allows for printing of bands and labels during the downtime event, as well as other pertinent health forms such as consent forms. This means that you don’t have to manage or print out paperwork manually to recover data—it’s all done quickly and automatically in Rasi during the downtime event. 

Want to learn more about RASi?

Hospitals can rely on dbtech’s Rasi to help reduce paperwork, improve patient care and boost their bottom line. Get in touch with our dedicated team today to learn how Rasi can transform your healthcare organization’s care delivery.