dbtech Attends HIMSS New Jersey: Here’s How It Went

1 November 2023

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

dbtech recently attended the HIMSS New Jersey healthcare conference, where we gained valuable insights into the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in the healthcare information technology industry. Our team engaged with healthcare CIOs, attended hot-topic education sessions and participated in various roundtable discussions. 

The conference provided an excellent platform to explore new and innovative technologies in healthcare. Through our attendance, we were able to develop new relationships and expand our industry knowledge. In this blog, we will share our experience and provide you with a detailed overview of HIMSS New Jersey, including the highlights of the conference and our key takeaways. 

Networking Opportunities at HIMSS 

The HIMSS conference provided an excellent opportunity for us to connect with healthcare CIOs and explore new solutions in healthcare information technology. We had the pleasure of connecting with some great individuals, including former and existing dbtech customers. Our discussions centered around our transition to Dura Software and our downtime solution.

Healthcare CIO Round Table 

The Healthcare CIO Round Table was an insightful discussion on disruptive technology, remote working, and AI. Rich Temple, healthcare CIO, led the chat, and Lehigh Valley, CHOP, Virtua, and Hunterdon CIOs were all present as well. Highlighting their current initiatives.

The group discussed forming committees on AI and Generative AI, led by privacy and clinical informatics. Some mentioned exploring integrating Google Bard, an AI tool, into their ERP system because they were already a Google shop. One group has already successfully integrated AI with their Google Workspace accounts.

There was also an emphasis on the importance of bringing a sense of realism to the talk around AI. The Healthcare CIO Round Table offered valuable insights into the evolving landscape of healthcare information technology, especially AI and its applications.

Further Discussions with Healthcare CIOs at HIMSS

During the HIMSS conference, several healthcare CIOs discussed the push towards telehealth as the new focus for healthcare information technology. Additionally, there is a push to create an abbreviated digital check-in process for patients. Hospitals seem to be moving towards a “bring your own device” model. At the same time, the discussion centered around being digital-first rather than digital-only concerning its entire patient population.

AI’s Rapidly Growing Influence in the Healthcare Sphere

Discussions at HIMSS revealed that AI is having a tremendous impact on the healthcare information technology industry. Many organizations are discovering how to utilize AI to achieve clinical and operational excellence. 

Discussing Healthcare Information Technology’s Regulatory Landscape 

This breakout session at HIMSS discussed healthcare information technology, the Cures Act, the Sequoia Project, and DURSA. The Cures Act aims to expedite the development of medical products and encourage innovation, while the Sequoia Project’s goal is to promote secure and interoperable healthcare data exchange. Additionally, the session discussed 

DURSA, a multi-party agreement that establishes a set of rules and standards for all participants in health exchanges. 

The session also highlighted the selection of QHINs for EHRs, treatment, and patient access. This information is vital for healthcare CIOs to contextualize the legal and regulatory landscape and leverage opportunities within healthcare information technology.

Finally, another important topic covered was ensuring timely EHI Export and providers making EHI Export available by December 31, 2023, in adherence to the mandate laid out by the Cures Act. 

Our Key Takeaways from HIMSS New Jersey

The latest HIMSS conference reaffirmed the importance of healthcare information technology in streamlining patient care and operations. 

Discussions also revolved around the importance of collaborating with technology vendors who are compliant with industry standards. By partnering with such vendors, healthcare organizations can ensure that they are investing in solutions that meet the necessary regulatory requirements and are also equipped to adapt to future changes in the regulatory landscape. 

dbtech: Constantly Furthering Our Knowledge of the Healthcare IT Landscape

At dbtech, we continuously strive for the advancement of healthcare IT knowledge. We are dedicated to understanding the myriad of challenges and opportunities in the healthcare landscape and finding solutions that drive growth and efficiency. Contact dbtech and learn more about our innovative healthcare solutions and how we can help your organization stay ahead in the constantly evolving world of healthcare information technology.

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