Dbtech Ras makes it easier to access reports and key information for your hotel. By capturing data electronically from your Property Management System you can instantly access your reports and build dashboards without data entry.  Ras extends your PMS and other systems an become an important element in the financial success of your hotel.

Eliminate printing completely and scan old paper records into Ras. This will save your hotel a considerable amount of time and money.


Ras is proven to work with all major applications, independent of hardware, operating systems, databases or system architecture. It captures, compresses and archives data from any application – regardless of data source – into a secure, searchable database.

  • Property Management Systems
  • Stand Alone Registration Systems
  • External Systems (Spa, Golf Course, Night Club)

Below is a chart that will help you easily identify how Ras addresses major issues within the hospitality industry. Just click on the area of interest to reveal how Ras addresses specific needs. Of course, should you have any questions or require further clarification of how Ras will benefit your organization please Contact Us.




How It Works

Document & Data Archive Ras Ras can store reports and data from any system and present it in single web enabled document management platform.
Reporting Standardization Ras Consolidate information from multiple properties into an easy to read dashboard. Eliminate visual review of system output. Create automatic alerts and emails based on custom data and predetermined trigger levels.
Corporate Form Management eForms Store forms from every department in one electronic form library. Front desk, Accounting, Housekeeping and more. Access forms on-demand or based on your own custom automation rules!
Paperless Guest Registration ElectronicPatient Folders Eliminate paper forms when your guests register.  Scan documents instead of photocopying.  Integrate any image or completed form with your existing PMS.
Paper & Storage Costs eFolders Eliminate paper from any department with an easy to use document imaging solution. Electronic folders can be automatically created for human resources, accounts payable and guest information.
Eliminating Silos Ras API Store all documents and scanned images in one system – while keeping documents and images accessible from any platform via the Ras API.