Hospitality Industry

dbtech Has Been Helping Hotels Improve Processes For Over 25 Years

We understand the hospitality industry and have been providing solutions to hotels, management companies and ownership groups for decades. Regardless of your property management system, we can help you improve the efficiency of your workflows, save time and money, reduce paper usage, and increase security. Our applications are easy to set up and even easier to use. We work with ALL of your systems including:

  • Property Management systems
  • Food and Beverage systems
  • Spa and Club Management Systems
  • Housekeeping
  • Parking systems
  • Accounts Payable and other financial systems
  • Human Resources systems
  • And more….

Reduce or eliminate paper

Printing to paper is expensive. Storing paper forms and documents is time consuming to retrieve. In fact, studies show that your employees often spend 5 times as much time finding information as they do reading it. Other studies show that up to 20% of paper documents are misplaced with about 7% of them lost. This not only wastes time and costs money, it impacts guest satisfaction and customer service.

Some of the ways we help hotels go paperless include:

    • Instead of printing reports to paper, we make them available for online viewing

For example, instead of printing your night audit and emergency reports, send them to dbtech’s Ras where all eligible employees can view them instantly and securely.

  • Scan paper guest registration information and eliminate photo copies and other paper
  • Scan and store all of your HR forms and documents.
  • Eliminate paper forms, receipts and other documents from the Accounts Payable department.

Improve workflows automatically

Whatever tasks your employees perform, we can make them more efficient. Our applications can automate many tasks, saving employees time and eliminating the inevitable errors from manual processes. Some examples of ways we’ve helped hotels include:

  • We can provide electronic approval process across your departments which dramatically decreases time spent and overall process time
  • Instead of having users key data into Excel spreadsheets each day, we can automatically update the spreadsheets when new reports are available.
  • We can automatically email reports or documents to management offices or other locations as available
  • We can electronically split reports by department, GL account, guest name or any other criteria so that each user gets just the information they need.

Automate your Paper forms

Like most paper documents, paper forms are expensive to store and retrieve, and are often lost. Worse, they slow down many processes. Our electronic forms (eforms) are really easy to set up and use. Some of the benefits hotels have found include:

  • Saves time by pre-populating the forms with available data
  • Automatically filed in the appropriate folders so they never get lost
  • Provides one central library for all of your hotel’s forms
  • Improves processes for many departments including Human resources, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, etc.
  • Perfect for guest registration if you are still using paper registration forms. Comes with full support for electronic signatures.

Solutions for Ownership and Management Companies

If you own or manage multiple properties you most likely have to contend with different software systems at each property. Some of the ways we can help:

  • We can collect reports, forms and document from all of the systems at each property into one application
  • We can further standardize reporting from these disparate systems at different properties to enable consolidated views of all of your properties.

Ras has been proven over decades of use by hundreds of hotels – contact us to learn more.

Tame the Paper in Every Department

dbtech’s efolders allow hotels to create paperless electronic folders for a variety of departmental uses and workflows. Documents can be scanned into folders or captured from virtually any source and automatically filed in the appropriate folder.

Easy to Deploy…But Powerful

  • Simple to install with minimal IT involvement
  • Every document or image added to eFolders is automatically indexed for rapid retrieval
  • Comprehensive and flexible security structure
  • Advanced encryption of all documents and data

Every Department Can Benefit

Some examples include:

  • Human Resources – Create folders per employee or job applicant.
  • Accounts Payable – Create folders per Vendor & scan checks and invoices
  • Contract Management – Keep on top of terms and renewals
  • Food and Beverage – Store receipts, menus and other documents
  • Events Management – Store all document related to an event

Contact us to learn how efolders can help you tame the paper .

Electronic Forms For All Of Your Departments

Most hotels have dozens use dozens of paper forms that are used in various departments. dbtech’s eForms solution can help all these departments move from paper to electronic forms:

  • Front Desk/Registration
  • Accounting
  • Purchasing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • And more….
Our eForms is the quickest and easiest way to get off of paper forms and dramatically cuts hard costs from keeping an inventory of paper forms on hand. It also frees up to 30% of staff time and helps eliminate errors and compliance issues.

Designing Forms has never been easier

Don’t have the time or resources to create eForms? Use our fully managed eForms solution and we will create your forms for you so you can be up and running quickly

Our solutions use familiar industry standard tools like Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat, which minimizes training time and allows you to be up and running quickly. Our easy to use tools give you the full capability and independence to create and modify forms on your own.

Works With Your Software

With dbtech’s eForms, users can access and even create forms without leaving their primary application using our eForms API. This allows you to harness the power of eForms with minimal training and changes to existing workflows.

Workflow Support Increases Efficiency and Savings

Regardless of your workflows, our document approval workflow support will minimize paper and process time while increasing efficiency for all stakeholders.

More Powerful Than Paper Forms

Electronic forms created can include photos as well as other images. Barcodes with multiple symbologies can be added to make the filing of forms into the correct folders automatic when scanned. Our barcoded labels are also compatible with all of your other systems. To keep paper to a minimum, users can electronically sign forms using industry standard signature capture devices.

And never worry about finding the right form: Our configurable logic can automatically suggest the predetermined set of forms available for each situation.

Dynamic eForms Make it Easier for Everyone

Do you have multiple forms where only one section is different between them?
Our Dynamic eForms capability allows one form to replace many by changing itself automatically based on available information. Request a demo and see how this powerful feature can streamline your forms management and workflows.

Contact us to learn how eForms can save time, money and improve your workflows