Interactive Forms & Signature Capture

Take your organization’s forms completely interactive with dbtech eForms.

Go Interactive!

You’ll save on third-party form design and printing while benefitting from electronic signature capabilities, bedside registration, instant form changes and the ability to enter information electronically via PC, laptop or tablet devices.

What’s more, eForms works in tandem with Adobe Acrobat Form Wizard – you’ll only need one full version – so editing and completing forms is performed seamlessly on a familiar, industry-proven platform.

The Process Is Simple

electronic forms process, sign forms electronically

Build an eForm in Adobe Acrobat – or have dbtech do it for you! Then, simply add the eForm to the appropriate patient folder, where you can access it with the click of a mouse for field completion, electronic signature capture and more.

When you click “save”, the completed form is sent instantly back to the patient folder.

It’s that easy. We’ve done the work so you won’t have to.

You’ve Got Options – A Fully-Managed Solution

Our interactive eForms also comes as a fully-managed solution, so you can easily take your organization’s forms from paper to digital with no capital outlay! TELL ME MORE! >>

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The Benefits

  • Simplify your form creation process.
  • Sign forms electronically on a Topaz device.
  • Enter form information electronically via PC, laptop or tablet.
  • Change/update forms instantly.
  • Streamline workflows with auto print & barcode scanning.
  • Decrease patient wait time with bedside registration.
  • Save on third-party form design & printing.

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