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dbtech’s MEDITECH EMR integration enables users to transform their workflows and enhance their EHR environment. Healthcare providers can automate patient registration workflows and increase patient satisfaction by streamlining the registration process and eliminating paper forms that hinder care delivery. With our integration, healthcare providers gain extended functionality, eliminate manual processes, and cut associated costs.

Automate Patient Registration

One of the critical features of our MEDITECH EHR integration is streamlined and automated registration workflows. Healthcare providers can eliminate manual tasks associated with registration by using our electronic forms (eForms). Moreover, patient documentation is pre-populated using HL7 transactions from previous encounters, reducing errors and ensuring a quicker process that improves patient satisfaction.

Enhanced Workflows

Healthcare providers can eliminate manual tasks and improve accuracy in data entry with our automated data extraction from single or multiple sources. Offering features like auto print, users can generate complete reports to any network printer. This increased functionality allows providers to dedicate more time to their patients and focus on delivering high-quality care.

Quick Recovery Following EHR Downtime

dbtech’s MEDITECH EMR integration offers the ability to capture patient information even during EHR downtime. By automating the generation and printing of barcoded forms, armbands, and labels, healthcare organizations can eliminate the time-consuming process of registering patients through handwritten forms into the EHR system. They can scan documents and print forms and labels on demand, thereby cutting down on recovery time and getting back up and running in hours instead of days.

Reduce Paper Use, Cut Costs, & Increase Compliance

dbtech’s MEDITECH EMR integration revolutionizes healthcare workflow by automating patient registration, enhancing data accuracy, and ensuring quick recovery during EHR downtime. By reducing paper use, cutting costs, and increasing compliance, healthcare providers can focus on what matters most – providing high-quality care to their patients.

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