eForms – Electronic Forms


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eForms, dbtech’s form-generation platform, gathers information from any relevant data source and automatically generates pre-populated, bar-coded documents.

More specifically, eForms eliminates the need for pre-printed forms and the stacks of paper upon which they are printed. Ras eForms can even create bar-coded forms which will be automatically indexed into eFolders.  Just stack the forms in your scanner and walk away.

Many businesses can use thousands of forms each day.  That usually means ordering pre-printed forms and keeping a large quantity in stock creating additional costs for both the forms and forms storage. In addition, 30% of staff time is spent on manually processing forms creating inefficiencies in all workflows.

  • Automated and manually generated eForms
  • Interactive eForms for paperless solutions
  • Account data is automatically merged onto eForms
  • Barcoding included for efficient scanning workflows
  • Photos merged onto eForms – Great for HR or customer eForms
  • No limits on the number of eForms you create or update
  • Design eForms in common tools like Word and Acrobat
  • Full suite of Approval Processes included, i.e. Invoice approval
  • Electronic signature capabilities included!

eForm Example