Electronic Forms

Paper & Virtual Hospital eForms 

Wristbands, Labels, Waivers, Releases and more…

Hospital eFormseForms, dbtech’s Patient EHR Forms eForms solution, gathers information from any relevant data source and automatically generates pre-populated, bar-coded Hospital eForms and paper-less Interactive eForms.   eForms eliminates the expense associated the stacks of pre-printed forms and the inefficiencies of manual distribution and capture.

Physical Forms created through dbtech’s eForms solution integrates with all Enterprise Document Management Systems EDMS using various barcode symbologies.  For customers without an EDMS, dbtech offers our Rasi & eFolders solutions.  Just stack the forms in your scanner and walk away.

Dbtech’s Interactive Hospital eForms. eliminates paper copies completely, moving you from physical forms to those that can be completed online using both digital approvals and electronic signatures.  Many customers have gone paperless in patient registration using dbtech eForms.  See a list of dbtech eForms customers on the side panel of this page.

Users can access & create eForms without leaving their primary application using dbtech’s eForms API

Many businesses use thousands of paper forms daily.  That usually means ordering pre-printed forms and keeping a large quantity in stock creating additional costs for both the forms and forms storage. In addition, 30% of staff time is spent on manually processing paper forms that create inefficient workflows.

Dbtech eForms customers of all sizes and varying EHR’s depend on dbtech’s eForms solution to save money and time, but more importantly they are able to disseminate form changes more quickly and increase data quality by controlling user input.

Patient EHR Forms eForms

  • EMR Integration & input logic

  • Includes multiple bar-coding symbologies

  • Photo-enabled Forms

  • Design in common & familiar tools

  • Approval Processes

  • ESignatures

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