Are eForms Worth It? Your Questions Answered

3 August 2022

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

It seems like every day there’s a new piece of technology in the healthcare space vying for our attention and hard-earned dollars. So, when it comes to eForms – electronic forms that are intended to replace paper forms – it’s natural to question if they’re worth it. After all, many providers are used to relying on paper forms, and believe the paper process is a tried and true method of collecting patient data. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the advantages eForms offer over paper forms and help you answer the question: Are eForms Worth It?

Paper Forms: The Hidden Costs

According to Becker’s Hospital Review, 76% of healthcare organizations using an EHR still use paper consent forms as opposed to using electronic forms. With the average 1,500-bed hospital printing upwards of 100 million pages per year, costs can very easily add up. Although it’s hard to imagine how paper forms could end up costing more money than an electronic form solution, there are several factors one must take into account when it comes to comparing costs. Even the cost of time is a factor to consider in terms of using paper forms. 

Here are some of the hidden costs associated with paper forms:

  • Costs associated with print design and modification. 
  • Time spent reviewing, signing and scanning paper forms into your EHR or other systems. 
  • Time spent searching for missing paper documents and getting a replacement form completed.
  • Cost of time and money associated with non-compliance, due to lost or missing consent forms.
  • Time spent copying paper records. 

Evidently, there are quite a few hidden costs when it comes to paper forms – many of which can be negated by using a comprehensive eForms solution like dbtech’s. But, there are plenty of other benefits to using an eForms solution that you may not have considered. 

Why eForms With dbtech Comes Out on Top

dbtech’s eForms solution offers many features and benefits to healthcare practitioners over traditional paper forms. Aside from monetary costs, eForms make for more streamlined and accurate data entry. With the ability to pre-populate the forms with patient info that is already in the database, providers can avoid illegible handwriting, transposed numbers, misspelled names and other inaccuracies when handwriting patient data on paper forms. 

When it comes to security, eForms is still the smarter solution. When paper forms with private health information get lost, misplaced, or left behind, the potential for this information being compromised is much higher. As you might have guessed, this can lead to costly penalties when it comes to compliance. eForms, on the other hand, are stored electronically, are much more secure and ensure that only authorized users with the right credentials can access them. Further, eForms are securely exported from one system to another, effectively eliminating the need for printing, scanning, and copying.  

The advantages of eForms really begin to stack up when you take a closer look. Not only are eForms more secure, but they’re also more efficient and can help save on time and money. With dbtech, our eForms solution is built to work with your EHR system and make the transition from paper to electronic forms as seamless as possible. 

Why dbtech’s eForms Solution is a Worthwhile Investment 

If your healthcare facility is still relying on paper forms, it may be time to switch to electronic forms. dbtech’s eForms solution offers a whole host of advantages over paper forms and when it comes to return on investment, our electronic solution comes out on top. There are plenty of reasons to make the transition, including saving money on paper costs and all things associated with maintaining a paper system, as well as mitigating potential compliance issues. Reliable and secure, dbtech’s eForms solution is a smart investment for any healthcare facility. 

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