Cloud-Enabling Ras: Tips from Our Development Team

17 June 2022

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

In our industry, now more than ever, it is common to discuss cloud migrations and moving computing loads over to someone else’s computers.  The thought is always, “why buy and maintain a bunch of expensive and redundant hardware when you can make the teams over at Amazon or Microsoft do it for me?” At this moment, we are all looking to focus our money and time on those core things that differentiate our business. Everything else, we can hire out to gain back some time and resources. 

Infrastructure as a Service – The Way of The Future

Are you going to be able to increase positive patient outcomes if you have a well built and maintained SAN?  If you have been looking into some more IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) offerings, we have some good news for you. 

At dbtech, we have been listening to what our industry, partners and customers are talking about and how we can help facilitate when you start changing how you are going to do business. We did some internal testing and have found that if you have a solid connection to some off-site storage, such as Amazon S3 or Azure Storage, you can move some of your Ras report files to the cloud. Our team would generally recommend not to put them on high tier storage nor cool tier storage, but rather a nice middle tier of the storage platform. It is critical to have a balance between the amount of space and the frequency that you might be accessing those files. As long as everyone on your network can access those file shares, you can move the compressed and encrypted report files and gain back some space on your local servers.

dbtech and Ras Can Help

 It’s a new solution to that age old problem of how to add storage easily and be able to store what you want for however long you need to. Ras is both simple and cost effective, so that your documents and data can be managed in one central location. Additionally, this solution automatically captures and stores reports, forms, EDI, images, PDFs, spreadsheets, documents and other data from all your other applications. Ras automatically identifies what is captured and allows you to store and access content with no user intervention. Want to join the way of the future with a cloud solution? Call us today to learn more about our Document Management Solution.

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