Going Green with Rasi: How Rasi Reduces Paper Waste

8 May 2023

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

How can healthcare organizations remain environmentally friendly while still meeting the needs of their patients? Rasi, dbtech’s intelligent document solution, answers this dilemma.

By completely transforming how healthcare documentation is handled, Rasi has allowed many healthcare organizations to reduce paper usage while still providing quality care. This blog post will dive into the innovative ways that dbtech helps organizations reduce their environmental footprint by going green with Rasi.

Emerging Trends in Healthcare Technology: Digital Storage vs. Paper Files

As many industries move toward a more sustainable future, healthcare systems are not exempt from the call to reduce paper waste. Rasi has taken the lead by facilitating cost savings and better healthcare outcomes by decreasing paper inventory. With Rasi’s digital storage, there is no need to have dedicated file rooms of paper charts, and everything is accessible online.

Improved workflow automation also means fewer printed copies of the same documents and faster access to patient data, eliminating the need for faxing information. Healthcare providers can improve collaboration, accuracy, and patient outcomes by going green with Rasi while reducing their carbon footprint.

An Intelligent Document Solution That Goes Beyond Reducing Paper Waste

Rasi is more than just a convenient way to reduce paper usage; it also enhances medical documentation. By eliminating the need for physical transportation and storage, Rasi lowers the carbon footprint and helps organizations save on storage costs. Additionally, Rasi reduces the risk of losing or misplacing documents, protecting organizations from claim denials, penalties, or fines due to missing documentation.

With Rasi’s electronic document management system, authorized staff members can access patient information online and in real-time, leading to increased workflow efficiency and better patient outcomes. Adopting intelligent document solutions like Rasi allows organizations to contribute to reducing paper waste and moving towards sustainability significantly.

Rasi Drastically Reduces Paper Medical Documentation Usage

Traditional patient registration paperwork creates unnecessary paper waste, with an average of 5-10 pages per patient per registration. Suppose a facility registers an average of  75 patients a day. Paper documentation like photocopied ID and Insurance cards, treatment consent, financial authorization and privacy forms, armbands and labels, and other patient information can add up quickly. 

Rasi provides a sustainable document management solution that eliminates paper waste while storing documents securely. For example, a customer regularly printing thousands of UB04 and Detail Bills saw significantly reduced paper usage after switching to Rasi. This switch resulted in substantial cost savings for the facility and increased efficiency for their medical documentation processes.

Leveraging Intelligent Document Management with Rasi

Registering patients electronically is a significant step towards a more sustainable future. Though paper usage depends on the size and scale of the facility, approximately 100 – 200 pages of paper per day can be saved with this method. This includes documentation such as:

  • Authorization forms.
  • Consent forms at registration.
  • HIPAA Privacy Notice & Acknowledgement.
  • Patient Registration form; insurance and demographic information.

Going green with Rasi means that organizations can save on paper and storage costs while also enjoying the benefits of greater accuracy and collaboration. Now, healthcare providers can reduce their environmental footprint while experiencing improved operations overall. 

dbtech: A Greener Approach to Healthcare

dbtech strives to create greener and more efficient healthcare systems. A reduction in paper usage not only benefits the environment but also streamlines a medical facility’s operations significantly. Cost reduction, streamlined workflows, and better patient outcomes are just some of the many advantages an organization can gain by going green with Rasi.

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