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15 July 2022

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

dbtech has been an innovator in document management and healthcare solutions for nearly 40 years. Our team of experts has helped over 300 healthcare facilities improve their workflow systems, dramatically cut costs, and maintain productivity during EHR downtime events. Today, we will discuss our company history, dedication to customer satisfaction, as well as our milestones and goals for the future. We are proud to offer our clients some of the most responsive customer service in the industry alongside our unrivaled expertise in healthcare solutions.

How It Started vs. How’s It’s Going

dbtech was founded in 1983 by two childhood best friends, David Wechsler and Brett Oberman, who reconnected after graduating from Syracuse University and Harvard University, respectively. Since then, dbtech has grown from providing training and accounting solutions to becoming a healthcare solutions powerhouse.

Innovation has always been at the core of dbtech’s success and over the years, we’ve developed our products to meet the ever changing needs of organizations. In doing so, we launched RAS, the document management platform, along with workflow automations such as auto-email distribution, custom splitting, data extraction, and auto-print. From there, dbtech began to place its focus on transforming healthcare systems, creating comprehensive solutions such as electronic patient folders, eForms, and network downtime solutions.

Our Differentiators

dbtech is a company with a longstanding tradition of excellence, with tenured employees who are experts in healthcare systems. Our staff have an extensive background in healthcare, including expertise in HL7 standards and EHR integrations. Moreover, we offer superior customer support and deliver feature-rich solutions so healthcare facilities can focus on patient care. Our user-friendly software tools are designed to make document management, patient registration, and network downtime an effortless experience for patients and employees alike.

We understand that healthcare is a rapidly changing industry and we are committed to providing solutions that help our clients stay ahead of the curve. This is why we offer document management solutions that are flexible and easily adapt to changing environments, as well as network downtime solutions that keep facilities running smoothly at all times. dbtech has a solid track record in providing flexible solutions complete with an effortless user experience, leading to satisfied and loyal customers.

From Document Management to Network Downtime Solutions – dbtech Has You Covered

Initially, the RAS document archiving system was created for secure report distribution and workflow automation. Simply put, dbtech’s solutions gave healthcare facilities the ability to store and access information instantly. Using Ras workflow automations, organizations can parse  specific information out of the original files, automatically print data to remote locations, create excel files from the original data captured into Ras, and even automatically distribute information via email.

RASi/eFolders was created to reduce the volume of paper documents while organizing them into secure electronic folders. Healthcare facilities could now create an electronic folder that can store scanned images, electronically captured documents and uploaded files. In this platform, staff could have one secure overview of all electronic data, whether it be patient, employee or financial data.

With our eForms solution, dbtech provides a tremendous time-saving opportunity when it comes to filling out paperwork such as patient registration forms or new employee onboarding documents. Manually completing this paperwork can be extremely time consuming, and only having paper versions of these documents that can be lost or damaged sometimes results in having to complete the same forms over and over again. dbtech’s eForms solution merges data onto the form and allows for electronic signature so no paper forms have to be printed. Customers who use eForms also see a reduction in cost of pre-printed forms as they no longer need to maintain such inventory.

dbtech’s downtime solution provides business continuity during a planned or unplanned downtime event, whether it’s a system outage or a full network outage. Your organization will maintain access to critical patient data, and new patient encounters can be created electronically. Forms can be completed and signed electronically, and clinical staff can document a patient’s care, all while storing the documentation in the downtime solution. After the downtime event ends, all patient information, forms and other documentation collected during the downtime are exported out to your EHR electronically, thus mitigating the timely and costly recovery process.

dbtech’s World Class Team of Experts

Dbtech’s team of experts bring many years of experience, several of whom have worked directly in the healthcare space before joining dbtech. They understand the challenges that come with running an organization where there are countless manual and/or document-intensive processes, and they understand the need for a reliable, mission-critical solution that supports and enhances the patient care experience. 

Dbtech’s Implementation, Support and Account Management Team is led by Stacey. Prior to her time at dbtech, Stacey spent well over a decade working in Patient Financial Services and Patient Access. She brings first-hand knowledge of those areas to her team, and it allows for the successful implementation of our various Ras solutions. Trish leads the Sales Acquisition Team, but also supports dbtech in other areas including Finance and Account Management. The Product Development Team is led by Tom, whose long tenure in the company affords him unparalleled knowledge of our products.

Our well-rounded team of experts is passionate about solving problems that face the healthcare industry today, and our devotion to that end is evident in every conversation we have about our software. 

How dbtech is Quickly Adapting to a Constantly Evolving Market

Over the years, dbtech has achieved significant milestones that have allowed us to better serve our customers in the healthcare industry. As we continue to grow, however, alongside us has been a constantly evolving technological landscape. Nevertheless, the focus has always remained the same; that is to listen to our customers and continue to meet their needs. Next year, in 2023, dbtech will celebrate its 40th year in business. Since surpassing major milestones such as the 25- and 30-year mark,  we’ve managed to expand our healthcare presence and diversify our product line by developing our eForms and Downtime Solutions.

Since being acquired by Dura Software, dbtech has been able to leverage more tools and use Dura as a significant resource to our operations. Now, our team can do our jobs more efficiently with greater access to the resources and technology we need. We are excited to continue to refine and improve our products and services while getting more done than ever before. Our goal for the coming years is to not only become a leader in healthcare eForms, but also to become a leader in Downtime solutions in Cerner and other EHR markets, which we are confident we can accomplish with Dura’s ongoing support. 

Why dbtech?

dbtech has a rich history in developing solutions for healthcare facilities that allow for greater efficiency and productivity. Our world-class team of experts is dedicated to achieving the best outcomes possible for healthcare facilities. Having been around for nearly 40 years and offering diversified solutions for document management, downtime, patient registration and document archiving, dbtech continues to deliver nothing but excellence to the healthcare industry.

If you are looking for an experienced partner who can help your facility reduce costs and drastically improve workflows, get in touch with our experts at dbtech today. Connect with us today to discuss how we can work together to make your healthcare operation run smoother than ever before.

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