Dbtech Announces Major Enhancements to Downtime Solutions

7 April 2020

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

Dbtech, an Enterprise Document Management Solution (EDMS) vendor with over 25 years of healthcare experience announces a new solution to assist hospitals during EMR and Network downtime events.

“We are very excited to bring this new solution to the market,” said Brett Oberman, dbtech’s Chief Strategy Officer.  “We have studied the solutions available in the market and none of them did everything that our customers wanted.”

Downtime events are defined as extended periods of time when the EMR is inaccessible to staff due to software maintenance, network failures or unforeseen events.  Many hospitals print “downtime reports” containing basic patient data needed for care and disseminate those reports throughout the hospital prior to a downtime event. The downside of this solution is that paper isn’t broadly accessible and lacks an ability to protect during unexpected events.

“Dbtech’s Report Automation System (Ras) serves many customers as the primary tool for disseminating downtime reports.  Instead of printing to paper, customers “print” downtime reports to Ras where it is broadcast throughout the hospital to local drives.  This addresses accessibility issues, and if scheduled regularly protects against unexpected downtimes, but lacks the security vital to PHI-based solutions,” said Oberman.

Dbtech’s Downtime Solutions address data access and collection during downtime.

Dbtech’s Downtime Solutions catalogs downtime report data at the encounter level and broadcasts that data to Downtime Workstations across the network.  After accessing the solution with a discrete login and password, users may view critical patient information in an environment that provides for HIPAA-level security and audit.

“For most hospitals downtime requires patient registrations hand-written on paper,” said Oberman.  “Paper registrations decrease data quality and increase the time to register a patient.”

Dbtech’s Downtime Solutions include Patient Registration screens to increase data quality and hasten patient throughput by leveraging historical patient data.  Registrars don’t need to type all new registration data, but can reference and carry over data from previous patient encounters.  Recovery time is shortened as new registration data is exported in standard formats for EMR import.

Document scanning and electronic forms are also included in the dbtech Downtime Solution.  Hospitals without a solution photocopy insurance cards and waivers only to scan them into the EMR or EDM at the conclusion of the downtime event.  Users are able to scan all patient onboarding documents and also generate wristbands, labels and other barcoded documents.  Recovery time is shortened as all documents are exported in standard formats for integration into any platform.

dbtech’s Downtime Solutions will be generally available to customers on April 15, 2017.

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